Jean Charest Vs. Pierre Poilievre – The Red Conservative vs The Fiscally Conservative, Why Jean Charest Would Be The Best Thing To Happen to The People’s Party of Canada – May 9, 2022,



If Jean Charest is likable, I’m going to have to dig deeper to find out how. I don’t like Justin Trudeau, but I can see why his people like him. At the very least Justin Trudeau who in my opinion behaves like someone who used cocaine sometime in his life, is admirable on this side for his willingness to push his powers to the extremes.

We’ve reached this “Nineteen Eighty-Four” nightmare in Canada, and Justin Trudeau has done nothing but appear to be confident. If I had a left-wing agenda, I’d argue that Justin Trudeau has been the best salesman I could find. Why I bring Trudeau in this is because I get why Liberals would support him, on the flip side I don’t understand how Conservatives could support Jean Charest?

Erin O’Toole was a hard sell, even I attempted to sell him, then Erin O’Toole opened his mouth and all sorts of Left Wing talking points came out. Even in the face of this, I told my readers, that Erin O’Toole should win the election, why? Because Trudeau really was that bad, and I wanted him gone, I was wrong, but I was right that Erin O’Toole was more popular than Justin Trudeau, as O’Toole won the popular vote.

Fast forward to May 5, 2022, I thought during the debates I might start liking Jean Charest, but now, seeing him debate, made things worse. I tried to even excuse Jean Charest when he was on the CBC attempting to smear Pierre Poilievre acting as if Pierre Poilievre will bring Donald Trump politics to Canada, insinuating that Canada is indeed a Left Wing country and Canadian Conservatives will adhere to the desires of CBC television personality Rosemary Barton.

I’m okay being wrong, but Jean Charest might be likable in Quebec, but I find him to be even more annoying than Justin Trudeau. Nothing irritates me more than someone trying to appease their opposition, especially when the opposition has no interest in returning the favor. A reminder that the Emergency act had nothing to do with border crossings and everything to do with the Ottawa protests.

When Jean Charest was on CBC, he was trying to distance himself from the Freedom Convoy protestors? Basically embracing the idea that the freedom convoy protestors were on the fringes, Justin Trudeau’s response was right and he has no desire to appease that part of the Conservative Party.

Jean Charest warns against adopting ‘U.S.-style’ politics |

Jean Charest is failing to comprehend that the freedom convoy, was 100% made in Canada, in fact when Americans attempted to adopt it, it wasn’t as successful and America is a far freer place than Canada? Although you’ll see some Trump flags at the Freedom convoy, the conclusion is that just like you have idiots who show up at Left-Wing protests, expect the same with Right-Wing protests.

The media attempts to excuse Left-wing idiots who protest and condemn Right Wing idiots who protest? Jean Charest took the bait hook line and sinker and it appears to me that he’s too dumb to understand why Conservatives who may not have supported the Trucker’s convoy may still be sympathetic to it. This to me is Jean Charest completely misreading the Conservative Party, and this is SCARY to a Conservative voter.

At the very least Justin Trudeau keeps his opposition on high alert, Jean Charest for the average conservative would be a terrifying Prime Minister to observe, because Conservatives wouldn’t know what Jean Charest would show up on a day-to-day basis. I could genuinely see Jean Charest saying something to the effect that “This is good” for Canada while canceling a Pipeline.

On the flipside no Conservative expects Pierre Poilievre to do something like this. If Pierre Poilievre turned into a Red-Tory, he’d catch everyone off guard. I bring this up because Pierre Poilievre might take people from the People’s Party of Canada, whereas Jean Charest is likely to help grow the PPC. I’ve been saying for some years now, that all it takes is for the PPC to win a seat, and the Conservative Party of Canada is in some serious trouble.

To my shock the PPC got 800K+ total votes in the last election and keep in mind Erin O’Toole still won the popular vote? How I look at it is slower growth is better than fast growth, because slower growth often equates to an actual movement being formed as opposed to a tornado of growth that disperses after a period of time.

The People’s Party of Canada if they can hold 800K votes or surpass it, poses a very serious risk to the Conservative Party of Canada. Personally, I think Jean Charest is who Maxime Bernier is routing for. Pierre Poilievre even if he governs like Stephen Harper, may stunt the growth of the PPC. Jean Charest would be just what the doctor ordered in terms of helping the PPC to grow.

As far as Trudeau is concerned, inflation might destroy him as PM, meaning that Jean Charest if he won the Conservative leadership race, could be the next PM but I could imagine a scenario in which he infuriates Conservatives so much that the PPC starts taking seats from the Conservatives. I like to remind readers that the Liberals are a one-trick pony, Justin Trudeau actually saved their party from collapse.

Chrystia Freeland isn’t very likable and if Canadians are tired of Justin Trudeau, they’ll look at Chrystia Freeland in the same way they imagine Justin Trudeau. Meaning that there could be an 8-year window in which the PPC, could experience an explosion of growth, which I personally think would be good for Canada. The NDP helped the Liberals, I don’t believe vote splitting is a bad thing, currently, the NDP and Liberals are working together to stop the Conservatives? Imagine if the PPC and Conservatives had the same strength? Sure socially they’d differ but as ar as the economy is concerned they’d have a lot in common.

In my opinion Jean Charest Would Be The Best Thing To Happen to The People’s Party of Canada

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Interesting times ahead!