Jeeran of is not really a 100% web hosting company. It is part social network and part web hosting company that serves the Arab market. It may not offer one of the best hosting plans in the industry but users settle on it because of its interactive and multi-dimensional appeal. If you are just building a personal site, with just the basic text and a few images, then Jeeran could provide you with the basic hosting features. Site owners, however, who are anticipating for a site expansion sometime in the future, might have to settle for other provider as they can’t expect much from Jeeran.

More about Jeeran

Jeeran used to offer hosting plans that suit users of various levels. However, it has removed its premium plans and have settled for offering basic free hosting packages. Its features aren’t that bad but they aren’t great either. It only offers the most basic specifications for personal website owners. With 50MB storage and limited bandwidth specification, there’s really nothing much that users can do with their website aside from the basic text and some images.

When it comes to web design, Jeeran provides users with pre-made templates. They are of average-looking designs and users are not given the chance to tweak and personalize them. Certain options for web design are simply not being offered by Jeeran.

Final thoughts on is ideal for those site owners who are not really into site expansion. Just like other companies offering free hosting packages, Jeeran only offers the most basic features. However, unlike its competitors, its ads are not as intrusive as what similar sites have.

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