Jenny Craig found at is a known fitness, nutrition, and weight loss program established in Australia in 1983. Because of the program’s success and growing number of loyal members, Jenny Craig has become more than just Australia’s premier weight loss program. The brand has spread and has gained more followers in other countries including United States, Canada, New Zealand, and UK. In year 2000, Jenny Craig has become part of Nestle’s Nutrition Brand, increasing the number of customers it serves.

More about Jenny Craig

Unlike other weight loss programs that only focus on one area, it could either be on diet or meal delivery, Jenny Craig caters to both. Its program is a combination of offering you a healthy diet plan and meal delivery service. During the first month, dieters are provided with meals delivered by Jenny Craig. Everyday meals plus two snacks are provided. Dieters are then urged to supplement these meals with their own recipe, guided by Jenny Craig’s diet plan. In this way, the system is teaching dieters on how to eat healthily towards weight loss without fully relying on its meal delivery service.

For its fitness element, Jenny Craig provides users with a fitness plan that caters to their fitness needs and weight loss goals. It incorporates 3 main strands of exercise: natural (everyday tasks), personal (being active with friends and family), and planned (gym activities, yoga, and the like).

Final thoughts on’s rapid expansion is unquestionable. It has a good program that combines both a diet plan and meal delivery service to help individuals lose weight without having them rely fully on its meal delivery service. It also has a good variety of exercise to incorporate on its diet program. And because users are required to keep in contact with Jenny Craig’s consultant to keep track of their progress, users are assured that they are guided along the way.

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