Joe Biden is definitely Bad For Pensions but the Progressives are retiring: Biden’s lead with older voters big reason he’s apparently ahead – September 19, 2020,

A message to Young America if Joe Biden wins 2020, once the economy crashes, don’t let the Democrats bailout the rich! Let the U.S economy crash! Don’t allow Biden to do what Barack Obama di which was to bailout Wall Street.When the economy crashes under Biden NO BAILOUTS for the rich!

This coming U.S election, reminds me a lot like the story of Jesus and Barabbas, in that when given the option to choose, the choice was quite clear choose Jesus. At the time, however, the Jewish establishment didn’t want the Swamp drained, the Jewish establishment at that period were more familiar with Barabbas, Jesus at that time was something new, something that couldn’t be controlled, something that could reshape their culture entirely.

The people backed the establishment and picked Barabbas over Jesus. Now, if people via a democratic process could choose a known criminal over my Lord and Savior, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if America voted for Joe Biden over Trump.

Deep down a lot of Trump supporters are terrified of Joe Biden Presidency, but what they should be more terrified of is if the 2020 election is a close hard fought victory. If the 2020 election is close it means more of the same for the next 4 years.

It would mean the country is divided, it would mean that Americans don’t see the modern Democrat Party as problematic for the future, it means the American voter likes the swamp. If Joe Biden is even competitive in this upcoming election it would also signal that Barack Obama wasn’t as great a politician as we thought.

I have to be honest when I write this, there is no way in hell, Donald Trump beats Barack Obama in an election. Biden is simply a weak candidate and quite frankly Progressivism is a hard sell, because it’s asking voters to allow the government to do some financial redistubtion for what some will believe is the greater good.

In my opinion voters have to really like a politician to trust or allow said politican to raise their taxes. Barack Obama was young and likable. The markets hated Obama, Pensions were a risk under Obama, Obama bailed out the banks, the poor got poorer under Obama, Black America was angry under Obama, taxes were higher under Obama, the rich got richer under Obama and Barack Obama as well as Joe Biden left office a multi-millionaires.

Barack Obama was a master politican, an excellent political salesman and very likable. I actually think Barack Obamas presidency was more about his personality than it was his race. I think a large chunk of Black America voted for Barack because of his race, but I think White America voted for Barack because of his personality.

Kamala Harris who is a visible minority is not likable, I don’t even like looking at pictures of her, she has a condescending personality, she actually reminds me of Hilary Clinton. Being frank about it, in my opinion Elizabeth Warren is ore likable than Kamala Harris.

Had Elizabeth Warren not had this obsession with lying publically, she’d be the Democrat candidate right now. I actually don’t think that Joe Biden when he speaks is very likable, Joe Biden is more of a steamroller. Even in his younger days if you listen to Joe Biden communicate with ther humans, he doesn’t listen, he tres to take control and take over the conversation.

Biden in many ways reminds me of Donald Trump, the difference is, is that I find that Donald Trumps thought process is more organized. There’s an end goal with Trump, whereas Biden lacks the qualities necessary to be an effective leader. If Trump loses in 2020, I wouldn’t put Trump in the category of Jimmy Carter, but I would argue that Joe Biden would be the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

If Joe Biden wins in 2020, history will write Trump as the most hated politician in U.S history, but, everyone who lived through Trumps’ prescidency when foced to reflect and contrast Trump verse Biden will probably say, a Biden victory was the clear signal that America was in trouble.

I personally want the stock market to crash, I want interest rates to rise, I want the economy to deflate, I want the children who are about to graduate not be forced into debt. I want a market economy, I think the world is shiting more and more to a market economy and quite frankly I’m tired of these tech oligarchs being prompted up by the worlds central banks.

I want manufacturing taken from China, I want local manufacturing, I want an end to the welfare state and based on my interpretation of history, sometimes things have to get a lot worse before they’ll get better. Joe Biden is a clear symbol that that things will get worse. I was reading through Biden’s tax plan, as well as his proposed regulations, talk about a market crash, if Biden is elected we’re talking about a serious global recession, that I think could threaten Americas status as the worlds reserve currency.

Now, I’m not a person who will say that the U.S dollar will be replaced by Gold, but it could lose it’s Special Drawing Rights position. What this means is that Federal Reserve action will have serious consequences to the American standard of living.

I like to point out that the U.K as an example did not do what Donald Trump did. In the U.K as well as many parts of Europe, the government didn’t send it’s citizens cheques in the mail, do you know why? It’s because in most parts of the world that would equate to immediate debasement of the currency.

In the U.K they trusted their existing welfare programs and currently the U.K is paying the price for that, but if the U.K is able to whether the financial storm, the U.K comes out looking very good. Now, in America, Trumps regulation and tax cuts, are the main reason why the demand for U.S dollars globally are still surging, being that Biden unlike Obama doesn’t have Progressive policies, the market will interpret Biden until he proves otherwise to be a full blown socialist.

On paper, Bidens’ policies are more socialist than Bernie Sanders. The problem I’m noticing with most people is that they haven’t gone to and read ‘A TALE OF TWO TAX POLICIES: TRUMP REWARDS WEALTH, BIDEN REWARDS WORK’
. It’s not like Joe Biden is being secretative about what he’s going to do, he’s basically putting it out there that he’s a globalist.

Now, the thing is that a lot of people really hate Donald Trump, so from what I gather is that older voters see Trump as such a threat that they’d rather destroy their own wealth to get Donald Trump out of office. The power of the media is amazing, because I don’t know how anyone gets elected after going to

Please read what he has to say for yourself. It’s terrifying if you’re old, Biden is coming after your inheritance, your estate, Biden focuses on the Billionaires on the page I point out, but the billionaires as many people know have the ability to fight the IRS. How taxation works incase you’re unaware is that people of means will measure if it’s worth it to fight back.

If you don’t have the means when the government subjugates you to what it deems wealth taxes, you’re basically forced to pay and the people who are forced to pay wealth taxes are usually the middle class. It’s not until your face to face with a government person attempting to ruin your life that you’ll understand how alone you are.

If let’s say you get a million dollar inheritance and the government says that owe the wealth tax, all I can say is good luck with the go-fund me page! people aren’t going to want to help you fight the tax man, actually I know a whole lot of people who were Liberals, who turned into Conservaitves because of what the government did to their family fortunes after their loved ones passed away.

It’s not like when the IRS comes after a Billionaire, the billionaire just rolls over and writes the government a check, they battle it out in the courts, one of the reasons Trump hasn’t given up his taxes is because he’s doing what every other rich person does when the IRS comes after them, they fight.

The IRS doesn’t have an unlimited budget, that’s how the poor get stuck paying the bills, the poor can’t fight back. Taxes are illegal, taxation, in reality, is theft, sure taxes are an accepted reality in society, but most taxes are regulations, and subjective in nature. If a tax doesn’t have a loophole, you’re living in a socialist country. Taxation without representation is ILLEGAL, it’s the reason America separated from the British Colony.

The reason why some people are forced to pay taxes the rich don’t pay is because the voter doesn’t have the time or the resources to fight back against the government. That’s why you want LOWER TAXES and fewer regulations. But I really don’t want to get into all of that now, because I can’t cure stupid.

Bottom line is I will not overlook the data presented in the polls, what I will say, is Biden equates to an economic collapse which benefits young people if the young people are smart enough to realise that the modern Welfare State is not in their best interests.

If you’re young and Biden wins, when the economy crashes don’t bailout the pensioners, make sure you don’t allow the government to do what Barack Obama did, don’t allow the Federal reserve and Joe Biden’s government the ability to bailout the banks and all the badly run companies, let them all fail.

If you’re a young person you want to buy assets on the cheap. A bailout means you’re you will spend your entire life being a slave to these old people who want the government to take care of them!

Biden’s lead with older voters big reason he’s ahead | CNN

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