Joe Biden Says all Black People Are The Same, Kayne West is against abortion, Don Lemon attacks Kayne West and his deceased mother – August 8, 2020,

So in 2020, Joe Biden stated the following, Joe Biden Tells Black Talk Show Host: If you have a problem figuring out if you should vote for me or Trump, Then you ain’t Black”. Now, Hilary Clinton has made similar mistakes in the past regarding black voters, she’s also said some very insensitive things. What Joe Biden said made me cringe It’s hard to listen too, because in my opinion most Democrats as is the case with most socialist, are usually racist but racist in the economic sense.

Leftists are usually looking to enslave or control groups of people, as we all know at one point in history the Democrat Party was the political party that influenced the National Socialist movement in Germany. The German economy had crashed and the National Socialists wanted to promise voters an easy fix to the problem. Kill the Jews, the Catholics, and all the non-aryans and take over the world, that was part of the Nazi philosophy, well if you listen carefully to the current Democrat platform, it appears that they’re trying to assist black people in killing themselves

CURRENT, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and remember Canadians including Black Canadians voted for this man after the blackface video emerged, clearly had a problem with how he perceived Black people prior to getting into politics.

Justin Trudeau to date has been probably the most corrupt politician in Canadian history, he has a scandal every other week and the poor are getting poorer under his leadership, but similar to the United States, Canada’s mainstream media prefers to shift the blame away from Justin Trudeau and point blame on hos Conservative opposition.

The Canadian media similar to the American mainstream media does a masterful job at doing this, but the end result is still the same, the poor are getting poorer and Canadians are finding their freedoms eroded. in the video below Joe Biden doubles down on what he said to the Black talk show host

If it happened once, I understand, but clearly Joe Biden is who he is and I suspect that Barack Obama knew this, which is why it took so long for Barack Obama to endorse Joe Biden. In my opinion, Joe Biden appears to be a bigot, either he’s a bigot or he’s clueless. From an economic standpoint, both tend to lead to the same result, which is economic destruction and more poverty for the poor.

In the bible, God often gives humans signs that destruction is coming, some people heed the warning others don’t. Based on what I’ve been observing, it appears that the Leftists have found a way to get the upper hand, unfortunately for the people who support the Democrat Party, the writing is on the wall for your most vulnerable.

People often vote for their own destruction, the German people voted for their own destruction. Even if Biden doesn’t call himself a socialist, his policies are socialistic and this obviously spells doom for his supporters. Now, why I think Joe Biden has a serious chance in wining is the climate change agenda. Although I know it’s a scam, a lot of people take a just in case approach to things.

In most people’s minds, they assume things can’t get much worse than they are now, so a lot of people will allow big government to tell them what to do and how to think, this all reminds of Nazi Germany. The way the National Socialists sold Germans on White Supremacy was that if actions to save the white race weren’t taken NOW! things would get much worse in the future, this scare tactic worked, the Germans gave up their rights to Hitler and trusted Hitler to lead them.

Will blind faith compel black and brown voters to vote for Biden? I think it might, there are also a lot of white socialists in America who want to see capitalism fail. This happened in the bible, so to all of you people who think Trump can’t lose, think again.

Pontius Pilate via DEMOCRACY was forced to free Barabas over Jesus Christ. That’s how Jesus Christ was crucified, he was crucified via DEMOCRACY. As I’ve stated several times on this blog, I’m not a fan of democracy, if I have my liberties and freedoms, what do I need a democracy for?

The Democrats are promising to get rid of Trump, I agree with wit Trump, with the exception of Lincoln what president has done more for Black voters? I’ve never heard any president mention black people in his speeches as many times as Trump has. But the black voter similar to the Jewish people during the period of Christ appears to want Barabas. If Christ could be voted to be crucified why can’t Trump be voted out for all his good POLITICAL deeds?

After Biden’s comments on Black diversity, some worry blunders could impact support | abcnews

CNN and the Leftist media have already made destroying the image of Kayne West a priority, as is the case with most artists, they’re often trying to find a beautiful way to express themselves. An artist, a true artist has to stay true to themselves and if you pay close attention and observe Kayne West, that’s what he’s doing.

Nobody expects Kayne West to be perfect, but has Kayne hurt anyone? No!, in fact, Kayne is trying to rekindle his love for Jesus Christ, as an artist his trying to find that balance and we’re all seeing it in real-time, but Don Lemon and the Leftist mainstream media mob is hell-bent on controlling the Kayne West narrative, they’re terrified Kayne West might become Ross Perot of Joe Biden.

The real fear of the Democrat Party is that Black people don’t come out and vote for them. If black people worldwide ever rejected socialism, white supremacy would die! White supremacy I have to remind the reader is a form of socialism, white supremacy revolves around big government, Jim Crow was a big government concept. Planned Parenthood is supported by big government.

A lot of the institutions promoting economic and mental poverty or big government. No, it doesn’t really matter what your opinions are on socialism, historically it hasn’t worked and it’s had the worst effect on the poor and most vulnerable. I personally think that we may have arrived at the crossroads.

It’s amazing to me that Joe Biden is even being considered for President, but that’s where we are now, so I highly recommend that you prepare yourselves accordingly, because although I think Trump will win, I am only human and I have been wrong before!

Interesting times ahead!