Joe Biden checks his watch during ceremony for Marines killed in Afghanistan Because of Joe Bidens botched withdrawal

Joe Biden checks his watch during ceremony for Marines killed in Afghanistan Because of Joe Bidens botched withdrawal

Joe Biden is a horrible President: Virginia and New Jersey are Democrat Strongholds but Barack Obama is being forced to hit the campaign trail to prevent a Republican upset – October 23, 2021,

Even when the recall on Gavin Newsom occurred in California I didn’t think there was a chance in hell he would lose, but it was interesting what happened. Apparently, the Democrats felt threatened and all the Democrat heavyweights came out in support. I’ve seen and read about Left Wing politics in Latin America and even in the nation of Chile, which is known for implementing “school choice” what the Left-wingers did there is they went into the classrooms first and changed the educational system.

So for most people in Latin America, they have no conception of Austrian economics or free-market capitalism unless they learn about it in their homes from their parents, guardians, or tutors. So what this ultimately leads to are generations of people who will inherently become Political Leftists. Virginia borders with Washington D.C and although the North Freed the slaves in the name of capitalism, the Democrats have taken complete control over the narrative in the State of Virginia. I personally see no path to victory for the Republicans in the State of Virginia, but I do find it interesting that Barack Obama feels the need to campaign.

With regards to New Jersey, too many unskilled immigrants and people reliant on government welfare to change the political landscape there. Sure it could happen, but have you ever listened to Former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie? or better yet have you ever listened to Donald Trump? These Tri-state area men are Rhinos.

Republicans become Rhinos because they know their likelihood of winning is less than zero if they stood up for true American values. This is why once the Socialists virus bites your country it’s going to spread and the only way to prevent this socialist infection is an economic collapse. I was hopeful Donald Trump would either renegotiate America’s debts or allow interest rates to rise, but he did neither, in fact, he threatened Jerome Powell when Powell began raising rates, and then Donald Trump increased spending.

Now, sure Trump did a great job cutting unnecessary regulations, and I think a book should be written about Trump’s border policies and The Abraham Accords Declaration, but apart from that Trump was a Rhino and worse than that he’s now the leader of the Republican Party, which only means that Republicans are going to lean further to the left in the future.

13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing because Joe Biden

13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing because Joe Biden

So ultimately, it appears that America is on the decline and Joe Biden is a clear sign America’s on the decline. Now by decline, I think we’ll start to see more hostility towards the U.S dollar moving forward, I don’t know if people will start dumping U.S dollars just yet, because it’s still a symbol of stability, but I do imagine countries that make and manufacture hings for America, might raise their prices mercilessly, because after all, what can Americans do about it? Joe Biden and all Democrats are making it their mission to regulate capitalism and create State controls of everything!

This dedication to making America uncompetitive will invite the countries who make things for America to raise their prices, and they’ll be nothing America can do about it, because you have to understand that these regulations imposed by Biden are not only wage regulations they’re energy restrictions. Furthermore, companies prior to Biden were fleeing to COMMUNIST China, imagine what will happen, Post Biden? It wouldn’t even surprise me if Democrats won the 2024 election and became even more aggressive with their agenda. This ends with an economic collapse and if you can’t see that, well, that’s on you!

Obama hits campaign trail ahead of gubernatorial elections in 2 states | ABCNews

Interesting times ahead