Joe Biden checks his watch during ceremony for Marines killed in Afghanistan Because Joe Bidens botched withdrawal

Joe Biden checks his watch during ceremony for Marines killed in Afghanistan Because Joe Bidens botched withdrawal

Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Government Climate Change, Central Banks and The Reason Prices Are Unlikely To Come Down as the economy Deflates – November 16, 2021,

In the adult world, when there’s an existential threat to humanity called man-made climate change, you don’t make it more expensive to pollute, instead, focus on finding IMMEDIATE solutions. We all know an immediate solution to co2 emissions would be natural gas and nuclear energy. Now as we shifted to these cleaner fossil fuels, we could allow renewables to find their true potential in the marketplace.

Furthermore, because China refuses to comply at least in the short term, the government could get rid of unnecessary FINANCIAL regulations which for the most part benefit labor unions and bring back jobs to both Canada and the United States, because if this is a global problem, even if we can’t control what China does, we could make it more attractive for businesses to be in North America.

13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing many more wounded because of Joe Biden

13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing many more wounded because of Joe Biden

A lot of Chinese people flee to America even with a growing China, their best and brightest would find their way to North America if the Chinese Communist Party were to be viewed as weak and destructive for the Chinese economy. But no, this is not the direction Western governments have decided to take, instead, Western governments have taken the Bernie Sanders economic approach, which claims that excessive government spending and regulations aren’t the problems, instead the problem are these Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires who are richer than the average Democrat Party member?

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California Assembly Bill 5

Private industry makes our lives better and cheaper, the government makes our lives more expensive and increasingly more depressing as the size of government grows. Regulations are FIXTURES on the economy, you can’t undo what California did to the gig economy and contractors. This could be the death knell to one of the largest economies in the world, but it’s unlikely most Californians understand it yet.

Approximately 100 professions were specifically exempted from AB5, including doctors, dentists, psychologists, insurance agents, stockbrokers, lawyers, accountants, engineers, real estate agents, travel agents, graphic designers, songwriters, architects, youth sports coaches, and some freelance writers, producers, and cartographers, as they are generally seen to work directly with and set their prices to customers.

Justin Trudeau in Canada, for the most part, governed Canada, during America’s boom times, Donald Trump as crazy as he was, had a much broader understanding of economics than does Joe Biden, and this benefited Canada greatly because the U.S is Canada’s largest trading partner. This allowed Canada’s overly regulated economy to appear to flourish, while Justin Trudeau increased government spending and government regulations.

Now, it’s unlikely that Canada will experience the inevitable supply shortages to the degree America is experiencing it because California has created a very toxic economy and with Canada, the economy has been toxic for a very long time, but Canada as a country has been able to capitalize off of the incompetencies of the U.S government. Our tariff policies towards American-made products even though we signed onto NAFTA and the USMCA are examples of how our government collects taxes from Canadians, in a manner America’s Federal government doesn’t tax its citizens.

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This is all well and good, while the economy is booming, it’s when the economy slows that this becomes problematic, because government revenue is in the red(negative), because the government often counts their chickens before they’re hatched, which means the government often spends money before it receives it, often assuming prior regulations aren’t a big deal and the market will adjust.

With California Assembly Bill 5 the market doesn’t have to adjust, it will merely raise prices, when you understand and ACCEPT that capitalism is DELFATIONARY in nature, you understand why governments want central banks, rule by fiat money and regulations because it’s the only way for them to get immediate inflation. The problem with this type of thinking is that there reaches a period in which inflation turns into hyperinflation and the only way to stop hyperinflation in a market economy is AUSTERITY measures.

I personally think it’s unlikely that anyone will be thinking about austerity measures for the foreseeable future, it’s only when it comes apparent that inflation can’t be contained, in this current economy, that people will demand the size of government shrinks. So although it won’t be everywhere, one should expect inflation in prices and not expect prices to come down, now, of course, inflation will be hidden in certain sectors of the economy, like food shrinkage or cheaper ingredients, but I expect prices to rise while the economy DEFLATES

What we’re going to experience by the way is NOT STAGFLATION because there’s an abundance of jobs, and most of these jobs can’t be filled because of the GOVERNMENTs role in the economy. The modern government is like an overbearing mother, we’re in a NANNY STATE, and if I’m, to be honest, I’m not sure how long it will take for people to recognize it, and even when they do recognize it, they might not want to change it, because dependence on government is at an all-time high and given the option, most people will opt NOT to work and accept a lower standard of living rather than to work.

These worker shortage problems, plague most third-world countries, it’s often the people who vote in socialist governments or dictators to lower their workload and increase their purchasing power, sound familiar? it should, it’s a common human trait to get unearned benefits at the expense of others, it’s where the demand for centralized power comes from, the only solution to this problem has been a market economy.

But a market economy is a game of stamina and goodwill, the moment a group of people successfully use the force of perceived authority to oppress their opposition, the games have begun and the destruction of civilization is imminent. Now, because we have history as our teachers, most of us understand that we can ward off the socialist devil with austerity measures, but don’t imagine the shrinking of government will be easy, in Argentina, the people would rather have perpetual currency problems rather than shrink the size of their government.

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Interesting times ahead