Joe Biden Gives OPEC massive power of the Global Economy: OPEC reaches new deal to raise production and Markets Tank – July 19, 2021,

So, although I believe man-made climate change is a scam, a carbon tax wouldn’t be the first global socialist scam that tricked democratic nations into financing corporatist schemes. The issue is that there is no replacement for fossil fuels as of yet and Joe Biden via these carbon credits schemes has officially forced a lot of these smaller energy companies to change how they do business.

Now it’s one thing for a nation like Canada or even the EU to participate in a corporatist scheme, as their economies already revolve around a U.S FIAT DOLLAR DEPENDENT regressive taxation, it’s another thing when America gets involved in regressive taxation because America currently has the worlds reserve currency which means that as markets tighten, people will begin hoarding U.S dollars waiting for so-called “TRANSITORY INFLATION” to ease.


Now everyone knows that transitory inflation is a lie, I’ve even listened to professionals here in Canada, who won’t say it publically, but who know that this inflation is not only permanent but it’s likely to rise, price inflation leads to economic deflation because if you don’t qualify for cheap money, and wages aren’t keeping pace with inflation, you’ll be forced to spend and consume less.

Regarding OPEC raising production, it’s obviously bad for local North American producers, also OPEC raising production doesn’t equate to oil prices falling, Oil prices might even rise or fluctuate at the price it’s selling for now, but OPEC can now, slowly squeeze out their competition.

People completely forgot about OPEC under Donald Trump, primarily because he had a different energy policy than does Joe Biden. I’m being honest when I say this I’ve never observed a U.S President as dumb as Joe Biden, I personally didn’t think George W. Bush was that smart, but Joe Biden in my view is a very low IQ individual, I can’t find any of these “Joe Bidens best years are behind him” clips?

Joe Biden has always had an extremely low financial IQ. I’m not a Hilary Clinton fan, but she was at the very least a smart woman with decent leadership skills. Joe Biden looks like a puppet President, for people who think a President leading from behind is normal, in the past calling a president a puppet was “conspiracy theory” but you can literally listen to Joe Biden say on Camera “I’m sorry, I’m going to get in trouble with staff if I don’t do this the right way,”

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This is not normal, and Biden has given OPEC a lot of power, and as I’ve stated in prior posts when Obama enacted similar policies terrorism began spreading like wildfire because not every member of OPEC loves the Western world. When OPEC can literally print money it enables them to finance nefarious things. If the US market starts tanking, we’re still going to need oil and I like to point out that a lot of U.S ZOMBIE companies are in a lot of debt and dependent on CORPORATISM or government welfare to keep their companies afloat.

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If you believe in climate change, incentivize the private sector to solve the problem and if you want the government to pay some private sector company to solve the climate change crisis, reward said company with a one-time cash windfall. This carbon tax, carbon credits corporatists scheme is evil on so many levels and it wouldn’t surprise me if triggers the next economic crash.

OPEC reaches new deal to raise production |

Interesting times ahead