Joe Biden Just Pulled out of Afghanistan, the globalist corporate tax rate will prop up asset prices, Chrystia Freeland joins the club – July 10, 2021,

So Chrystia Freeland has expectedly joined the club for a globalist corporate tax rate, which is really a scheme to push up asset prices. Most corporations are in debt in any way and the further corporations go into debt the worst things will get for people trying to impose a wealth tax.

I have to include the proposed wealth tax with a minimum corporate tax rate because wealth taxes is an attempt for the government to force people to withdraw their NET WORTH. In short Net worth is the value of the assets a person or corporation owns, minus the liabilities they owe. I hope you can see where I’m going with this, because despite the negative stereotypes linked to most rich people, Western rich people are often the most philanthropic people on earth.

The scumbags of the earth are often the people on Welfare who can vote and who vote for the government to grow the welfare state. I say this because what’s likely to happen if this corporate tax is passed will be that more corporations will take on more debt, while at the same time becoming even more philanthropic.

why would large corporations do this you ask? To avoid the tax, I’d much rather give my wealth away than fatten the salaries of the political elites, which is where these taxes will go. All that aside, what the minimum corporate tax rate will do is more than likely put the U.S dollar at risk of losing its reserve status.

I’ve stated in other posts that until a better option comes along I don’t see how the U.S dollar gets dethroned, well a globalist corporate tax rate might be the straw that breaks the camels back, because you have to remember that America is the only G20 nation with a consumer-driven economy, countries like Canada, pay for their welfare state by DEBASING their currency to the Greenback.

Well, if Canada, voluntarily signs onto to this globalist corporate tax rate, they’ve lost part of their appeal to foreign corporations. Not every corporation wants to be forced into debt, if you’re a corporation and you go into debt, you must be able to SERVICE said debt.

This is why a lot of corporations don’t come to Canada in the first place. There are existing economic monopolized entities in Canada, that are untouchable in Canada. Our telco monopolies are the prime example, entire telco networks don’t exist in Canada because the government mandates that existing telcos like Bell Canada be profitable. via existing oppressive corporate laws, in order for a company to even consider Canada as a destination, said company has to know that it can avoid certain costs to be cash-flow positive.

Target Corporation left Canada as soon as it realized that Canadian consumers were unwilling to pay premium prices, and in order to be profitable Target Corporation would have, had to restructure its business model and its reward would have been lesser valued Canadian dollars. Because people have to remember the same made-in-China crap that Americans buy with U.S dollars are often sold in Canada for more money, but if your company doesn’t like to be in debt, you’re going to be hit with a CORPORATE TAX! or your company is going to have to find creative ways to avoid paying the tax. Now, if this is confusing to you, this is why small and medium-sized companies in Canada will at times REFUSE to grow.

Walmart because of its size, and the way it’s structured, and its systems in place to avoid Unions, currently has found a way to be profitable in Canada, but a lot of Canadian companies similar to Walmart have gone out of business because of Canada’s existing tax code.

You have to remember that a lot of large companies are often dependent on small and medium-sized businesses, in Canada most medium and small businesses have gone bankrupt or left because they want no parts of our EXISTING tax schemes. A globalist tax scheme, although potentially more harmonized, is incentivizing businesses to go into debt, and based on what I know about higher taxes will actually result in less tax revenue.

Most real estate investors as an example enjoy the benefits of being in debt, a lot of real estate investors will brag about their tenants paying off their debts, well it’s often the thing with most businesses, they’re in debt and their customers are paying off their debt.

Now when you’re in business, the customer pays for the sales taxes, this is actually DEFLATIONARY to the government because now the voter has less money to spend on other things. The business owner doesn’t care about sales taxes, give unto Ceasar what is Ceasars, most Canadian business owners are already paying tariff taxes, carbon taxes, and other taxes all of which get passed onto the consumer who is dumb enough to ask the government to raise taxes.

But the end result is DEFLATION! Canada is bankrupt and what’s keeping us afloat is that the world still accepts fiat money. If this globalist corporate tax rate scheme works, you’d be wise to learn about Gold, Silver, and even Bitcoin, because this globalist corporate tax rate is an oppressive mechanism and it will lead to all sorts of strange corporate behavior that I nor anyone else can even fathom.

Humans come up with all sorts of things when their backs are up against the wall, the easiest way to combat taxes is to stop using FIAT MONEY! A lot of rich people do that now, they spend other people’s fiat money.

So as an example as soon as a corporation has access to newly BORROWED money they’ll buy a jet, a boat, some real estate, build a school in some country, set up a charity, build a road, finance a new venture, corporations often treat fiat money like a hot potato, which is why from my standpoint this globalist corporate tax rate is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard but hey, that’s the welfare world we’re living in, where idiots vote for idiots!

On a side note, I have to add that it’s only the G20, and America was forced to pull out of Afghanistan, why? Because the other G20 nations didn’t stick together to stop the Taliban problem. A reminder There are 195 countries on the planet many of which are hostile to the United States and the US dollar. Even if they’re not hostile to the U.S dollar, there’s something called the Euro-dollar system that has more than 20 countries participating in it.

Finance minister says Canada is committed to proposed global corporate tax rate |

Interesting times ahead!