Joe Biden’s promise to reform Social Security is going to change how HIGH-WAGE EARNERS think about employment – January 23, 2021,

Chances are if your wages allow you to earn $400,000 per year, you can turn yourself into a Private Contractor, a Gig worker or you can simply incorporate yourself. Based on what I’m reading, it appears Joe Biden believes his coming federal minimum wage hike and the Green New Deal will be able to finance his tax, regulate and spend policies to finance America’s ‘Social Security’ needs.

The problem with Progressives is that they’re divisive, they’re usually trying to pin one side against the other, in the case of Biden, he’s made up his mind that people making $400,000 and up in WAGES will be punished, which is fine, I guess? But I used to work for two unionized companies at the same time and what used to happen when the government raised taxes was that people would work fewer hours to avoid paying the higher taxes.

What I used to do because I had two jobs was I told both jobs to put me at the highest tax bracket to avoid paying taxes at the end of the year. For myself, the higher taxes propelled me to become self-employed.

For the people with enough skills, after they got tired of working a 9-5 job they tend to become private contractors or incorporated themselves or their business and this had been happening from way back in the 1990s prior to a lot of things becoming automated.

It’s rare that you meet anyone who volunteers to pay more taxes, what tends to happen, is people find a way around paying the tax, this also includes the people who may have voted for Joe Biden. You’re an idiot to pay for something you don’t have to pay for. It’s not like the Federal Government has proven itself to be moral and suppose you’re one of the 74 million people who voted against Joe Biden?

Now, obviously as ideologies move further to left politically, I’m sure people in government will want the government to replace the market, I’ve seen people in the Democrat Party who call themselves Progressive-Capitalists, which is nothing more than Corporatist.

But for stupid Government ideas, it’s usually best to just let these things play out. When I look at Joe Biden’s plan, it looks like he could be ringing in the Death knell to America’s Social Security, because I think people forget that America exports it’s debt, meaning in order for the U.S dollar monopoly to continue, America’s most productive have to continued to relocate jobs away from America.

Now, Donald Trump although a disaster himself with spending had tried to counter this tax, spend and regulate ideology with tariffs on foreign companies, lowering taxes, and cutting regulations, Biden however appears to be taking the tax, regulate and spend approach to a whole new level. Now in the past, this has proven to be disastrous, but who knows maybe things are different now.

Biden has promised to reform Social Security — some changes could come as soon as this year |

Interesting times ahead!