Before You Join a Membership Site The MUST Read Article

In this article i am going to mainly be talking about paying to join a membership website. I’m pulling of the curtains and showing you the inside this is a must read and is a topic i am very passionate about.

Do you like to work under pressure? Do you like giving your money away to strangers? Do you like paying monthly fees? if you answered yes to these questions There are millions of online memberships websites that are lined up to take your money.  Before i start what some people refer to as my ranting lol i want to raise awareness to those of you who might not have given this subject any thought when i’m talking about membership sites i’m not just attacking MLM’s i’m talking about them all.

Depending on what level of internet marketing your on this might fly over your head. If you want to make money online and work from home full time you have to focus on Niche Market not only do you have to have a niche market but all the tools you use have got to be centered around that niche market. If your an affiliate marketer selling “teddy bears” first of all you have to decide what type of affiliate marketing are you going to do. are going to do PPC, article marketing, Blogging(yes they are two different things), hit the forums, social media, classified ads, seo etc.

the when find out what your main affiliate marketing strategy is you then want to find out how to do it faster or how to reach more customers, so if your doing article marketing you want to find the keywords, like what keywords are your customers using to search, then you might want to find what artcile directory has the highest page ranking, you then might want to buy a domain name and set up a landing page, or you might want to hire somebody or build some software to get most of the customer in your desired niche.

Also if your niche is teddy bears you should target a specific type of teddy bear you see that’s why i keep telling people there is soooooo much money to made online. Because one person can’t do it all. My niche might be “mikes happy teddy bears” your niche might be “Teddy’s Cool Teddy bears” and if we both were to target our particular niches we wouldn’t even bump heads you might not ever see my articles.

My point is when your choosing a membership website it should be targeted, it shouldnt just be a make money online membership site where the point is to get you to refer people back to the website you signed up for. Despite the lies many of these membership sites teach when you join most of these membership sites you actually become the membership sites employee. Remove the “Get Rich Quick Component” that many of these membership sites seem to show and your left with a company looking for commission based employees, who need to renew there membership every month to get a commission.

If you have not honestly mastered the art of affiliate marketing you should use Profit Lance. It’s the only program i recommend why? you pay once you own it for life and to this day it’s still being updated. Another thing just so that you know that i am aware of the common problems of affiliate marketers today. The common problem is when you sign up to learn affiliate marketing and then you see all the information you decide this is too hard and then you begin the long unnecessary journey of learning it all on your own.

this can all be avoided by joining Profit Lance you see once you sign up you don’t have to worry about re-occurring charges every month that’s the beauty so if you fell like getting into internet marketing at 2012 then you still have Profit lance there waiting for you to use it. Let me again drill it into your head Pay Once own it for life. Not pay this yearly fee or pay us $40 every single month. No Pay once and learn it for life. the truth is also that you really only have to master one thing to make lots of money online. Although Profit Lance has tons of information the truth is i only use about 30 of his recommendations.

the only time you’ll see me change is when something becomes obsolete.

Membership Sites conclusion.

When you learn affilaite marketing and especially niche marketing you’ll start to see what membership program you might need to join. I am a member of a few membership programs but see they are specific to my niche and i use them because they make my life in my niche allot easier i didnt sign up for my membership site so i can make money referring people back to the membership site get it got it good