Judeo-Christian values built Western Civilization, not atheism or other religions: Islam, Sikhism and why immigration drives religion in Canada: ‘It’s the curriculum of our life’ – January 9, 2022,

First and foremost it’s important to understand why people began using the term “Judeo-Christian” values. Initially, it was used to fight back against Communism in the United States, but it’s derived from Friedrich Nietzsche who said “Morality is just a fiction used by the herd of inferior human beings to hold back the few superior men”. Do those words sound like the words a white supremacist would utter? Yes, but one doesn’t have to look at them that way.

Morality is subjective, atheists as an example imagine or claim that there’s something called “Natural Laws” that govern all human beings. It’s not to say that natural laws don’t exist but Christianity claims there’s a heaven for good people and a hell for bad people. So Christian morals are based on creating a fertile foundation to create good people.

This is why as an example, Christians risks their lives to end slavery all over the world, slavery is still practiced, in Atheist, communist countries with WHITE people, in which religion takes a back seat to the State, slavery is still practiced in Religions like Islam, slavery is still practiced Africa, and some East Asian countries like North Korea. A form of serious inequality still exists in countries like India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. to this very day.

Sure slavery has been banned globally, but it’s almost impossible to end it when most religions encourage people to put big government ahead of religion or governments want their government to mirror their religion. This differs in Christianity because giving one’s life to Christ as a Protestant Christian is a voluntary action.

If we’re to be honest, the economic results of Protestant Christians vs. Catholics differ, because Protestantism has no Pope or central figure. Protestants tend to better understand that a centralized human figure is a bad idea. But Catholic Christians evolved differently and this is one of the reasons Catholic Christians have a more favorable view of Socialism or Big Government. In the Americas, as you’ll notice, the larger the Catholic population, the more Left-Leaning politically the population becomes.

Why are some Black Americans so Right Wing Politically

This occurs primarily because Catholics, tend to look to a central leader instead of the Bible to guide their decision-making skills. With Protestantism, you have to sell yourself as Preacher, in America as an example, it catches Black Leftists off guard when they meet a Black person who is more of a Right-wing conservative than your average white person is. Even south and East Asians who grow up Protestant Christian tend to be Right-Wingers politically.

This occurs naturally to them because they’re taught about freedom of choice at an early age. Although I can’t be sure what Friedrich Nietzsche meant when said what he said, in my world, it’s worthy of study. The Christian developed world is becoming more atheist and because atheists as a religious group have no defined moral compass, the State is often their God and this is one of the reasons why most atheists imagine cultures the way they imagine themselves; as fluid.

Could the atheists be correct with this assumption? Possibly, because we have yet to see the effect Western civilization will have on Islamicists and Sikhs as an example in 2-3 generations. In the first 2 generations, it appears that they’re holding tight on their religion, and the main problem Canada has as an example is that mass immigration, equates to a fresh batch of people from Islamic countries, bringing their old ways of thinking to Canada with them, thereby creating an environment which would make freedom of choice hard for a person of Islamic faith born in Canada to make.

Most white Christians who abandoned Christianity for atheism did so because they weren’t bombarded with the pressures of their family to carry on old traditions. Growing up in Toronto, most children of the Islamic faith, wanted out of the religion, but their parents are who they are and if their parents forced their traditions on their children, eventually the child submits. Now, don’t get me wrong, some of the believers in Islam volunteer themselves to Allah, but many, are broken into the religion because they don’t want to be the outcast of the family, ostracism is a powerful tool of control.

In Canada, I grew up with many believers in Islam, who without the oversight of their conservative parents embraced freedom. But, again if uncle Muhammad from Pakistan moves into the house and now the child has mom, dad, uncle Muhammad and the rest of the family pressuring them to be a good Muslim, most people, under those circumstances, are going to submit to Islamist traditions.

Now, if let’s say Immigration was halted, and the remaining people of Islamic faith were left here to compare life in a free society vs. life in an Islamic country, I think many would most likely evolve their worldview. Most atheists became atheists because they saw what they imagined were inconsistencies in the Christian faith. But you see many of them did a comparative study and came to their own conclusion, some people have no interest in doing the comparative study because their ideology mirrors what Friedrich Nietzsche said: “Morality is just a fiction used by the herd of inferior human beings to hold back the few superior men”.

As we all know as an example, Islamicists, consider non-believers as infidels. Again I’m not entirely sure what Friedrich Nietzsche meant, but you should be aware that he made a valid point, it’s naive to believe that all people regardless of skin color share “Judeo-Christian” values. If people don’t share these values, what it equates to in the future is morals changing to adapt to the dominant culture’s moral worldview.

The keyword in this is not RACE, because race is really a manmade construct, yes some people share genes, but Big Government which can also be considered a Big-Religious-Government still dominates the world in 2022. America is basically the only country fighting back against Big Government, White, Black, Asians they’re all for the most part in favor of a Big ole Centralized government.

Now, the conflict comes because all the believers in Big Government, imagine that their idea of a Big Government is superior, but Big Government leads to tyranny, and once tyranny starts it’s extremely hard, almost impossible to stop. In Eastern Europe, good luck promoting free markets on people who are used to Big Government control over their lives?

When most people think freedom they imagine CHAOS, “Judeo-Christian” values were designed to combat that worldview. Real Christians don’t need a big government, but you see with Protestant Christian values, you’re supposed to admit to yourself when you don’t know something. This is why a preacher or a leader in a Protestant Christian church isn’t FIXED! With Catholics, the “anointed” few control the entire selection process of who becomes the next Pope.

If you grew up under this Catholic system, Big Government might come more naturally to you. Protestant Christianity on the other hand, is more like a free market, if you got the skills to lead or if God calls you to lead, you can start your own church and call it whatever you want. Protestantism mirrors free-market capitalism, and in order to grow your church, you must end slavery and promote freedom.

Now, “Judeo-Christian” values are an acknowledgment that our Christian values are derived from the Israelites. As we know the letter “J” didn’t exist in ancient times, but as we know them today as Jews, in English we call them Jews, and therefore “Judeo-Christian” values. Turkey was one of the more secular Islamic regions in the world, but as you can see, it’s dissolving into a socialist hell hole.

Islam and freedom so far haven’t found common ground, I don’t know too much about Sikhism, I have spoken to many Hindus, Hinduism, reminds me a lot like Atheism, which is why most people feel less threatened by Hindu’s. Yes, obviously somewhere in history Hindus took a far-left turn, but Hindus appear to be far easier to negotiate with than Islamists.

This again proves that race or racism is not as big a problem as Left-wingers want you to believe it is. Everything appears to revolve around CULTURE. If a culture is inferior, we need the FREEDOM to criticize it. It wasn’t easy for Christians to acknowledge that Atheists had a point, Atheists do have a point, Christianity has inconsistencies, but Christians often respond with, well, what have Atheists built? What system of governance do Atheists have?


Within one generation of a declining Christian population, the world is already dissolving into a Big Government tyrannous nightmare. There’s a new strain of the flu and the Big Government has decided that locking people in their homes and sending them free money to do nothing is morally the right thing to do? This is obviously anti-freedom, but for many atheists or believers in Big-Government, well intentions equate to their new moral compass?

“Let my people go” aligns with Chrisitan values, the Jews escaping the tyrannical Egyptian government, freedom isn’t easy, but it’s worth fighting for, believers in big government, imagine SECURITY is worth fighting for. This clash of cultures is problematic and this is why a growing population of religious groups is something all freedom-loving Canadians regardless of their skin color should pay attention to, because if Islam and Sikhism worked they wouldn’t come to Canada for a better life.

Islam, Sikhism and why immigration drives religion in Canada: ‘It’s the curriculum of our life’ | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!