Justbeenpaid.com Is It a Scam

Here we go yet again, another referral based membership program hoping to be the next GDI. Where do I start??? First and foremost if you think justbeenpaid.com is the type of business you want to get into don’t let me stop you, I am only writing this post to help those that want a real review both good and bad of this program.

When you get into these referral based programs I like to remind people about GDI. As many GDI members are finding out now GDI is not all what it was cracked up to be and yet in still GDI had the .ws domain names as it cover.  also GDI had I think it was $200 bonus for 5 referrals in one week or something of that sort and yet and still after all those goodies GDI members apart from Brian Bear are still having a difficult time finding “recruits” for their business. So now that people are seeing another online MLM in decline they’ve decided to come up with yet another pyramid looking scheme to keep the Ponzi dream afloat.

As long as new people keep on joining – we can keep on scamming!

Sounds a lot like what’s going on in some countries, instead of telling people the truth of how to “MAKE” money they sell people Ponzi and pyramid scheme ideas. None the less instead of me saying yes it’s a scam or not it’s not a scam I am just going to bring up some points which caused me not to join. On the JustBeenPaid Member Agreement page (http://justbeenpaid.com/general/agreement.php)it clearly states in the section under their terms and conditions that:

5. I have NOT been led to believe that this activity is an investment activity, franchise, or employment opportunity.

9. I affirm that any suggestions of how much can possibly be earned with JBP does not constitute a promise that any specific individual will achieve any particular level of earnings. I understand that there are no earnings guarantees and that any money I risk may be lost.

20. You agree that all payments to JBP Admin are final and that JBP has a strict no-refund policy, except in cases where JBP expressly allows refunds.

If you we’re to check out most of the people promoting JBP they will often use the word Investment, Over and over I hear the word Investment opportunity being thrown around regarding Justbeenpaid when the fact is that JBP is not an investment opportunity. Another word I hear being thrown around is “indefinitely sustainable” when section 9 of JBP’s terms clearly states “there are no earnings guarantees”. For the record the date in which I’m re-writing this is January 2012.

If you’re going to sign up be sure you read their(JBP) terms and conditions first.

Final Thoughts on Justbeenpaid.com

Personally I would never associate myself with Justbeenpaid.com. I mean we’re in an internet age where a person can post a YouTube video on the internet for free about the dumbest things and make $5000 in a single month, yet people will pay a monthly fee every month just to make 2% – 10% profit. It really boggles my mind. Is it laziness, ignorance or both? I don’t know I don’t get it. I think anyone who pays to join JustBeenPaid.com is a straight up SUCKER! That being said please do not let my personal views of JBP stop you from becoming a JustBeenPaid.com member.

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