JustHaute Review Is It a Scam

justhaute.com is a new penny auction website that seems to be a bit more transparent than some of the other bid auction websites I’ve reviewed. On that note reading their terms of service which i recommend you do before you hand over your credit card to anyone online is not the best i’ve seen in the Penny auction arena. their terms of service can found at the bottom of their page or by going to http://www.justhaute.com/tos. Below is what i believe to be one of the most important parts of their terms of service page

Bid Credits (“Bid Credits”), are purchased by you prior to bidding. Bid Credits can be purchased in bundles at prices that will be noted on the site. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card or via PayPal. IMPORTANT! BID CREDITS ARE VALID FOR ONE YEAR AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN CREDITED TO YOUR ACCOUNT. UPON EXPIRATION, BID CREDITS BECOME VOID AND CAN NO LONGER BE PLACED. Once a Bid Credit is used, it is deducted from your account and can no longer be used. Refunds will not be issued for used Bid Credits, expired Bid Credits or free Bid Credits. For further information on refunds please see our Refund Policy.


There are penny auction websites that now offer refunds for unused credits, that being said I would like to say that i don’t recommend anyone get into penny auction websites. Although sites like JustHaute.com may have some benefits for members the benefits in my opinion are small compared to risk and financial commitment involved.

Are Penny Auctions Website Gambling websites in disguise?

Above I called JustHaute.com transparent, i call them this because at the top right of their page it clearly states each bid costs only 0.75 to place. For those of you that do not know penny auctions do not cost just 1 cent to bid. If it did i wouldn’t be a member myself. to place a bid on JustHaute.com will cost 75 cents per bid. Used bids in all penny auction websites are NON REFUNDABLE By non refundable it means your the money you gave to JustHaute.com is GONE!!!. It’s there’s sure they might allow to use your credits to buy something from them but you money is gone.

This is what separates penny auction websites from companies like eBay.com. At eBay.com only the winner has to pay for the price of the item. At penny auction websites like JustHuate.com every single bidder pays for the price of the item, and you have to remember each bid placed is NOT 1 cent its .75 cents.

My final thoughts on JustHaute.com is it a scam?

I personally don’t think Justhaute.com is a scam but i don’t recommend you join them, in any auction website there will obviously be more losers than there are winners but in this case every single user has to pay, what’s worse is that each user is not paying a penny they’re actually paying 75 cents.  I personally don’t think this is fair to the consumer, another thing is that the rules are in favor of the penny auction website, i feel as though in the case of penny auction websites the consumer or customer is being treated unfairly.

That being said this is only my opinion and don’t let my opinion stop you from joining Justhaute.com please leave your comments or experience with justhaute.com below by leaving comments you help others know the truth about Justhaute.com.