Justin Trudeau and His Far-Left War on Fossil Fuels Not The Central Banks are causing Debt Defaults: Mortgage defaults starting to hit the Canadian market, Tiff Was as Accommodating as possible (Austerity) – December 15, 2022,

I’m not a politician, nor do i have any vested interest in who is the Prime Minister of Canada; if I’m, to be honest, the only thing that really bothers me about Justin Trudeau is his war on free speech; if Trudeau didn’t declare war on free speech, I’d have little complaints about the man. Candidate Trudeau never said he would declare war on freedom of speech or freedom of expression, which is something his cabinet continues to pursue, but the whole welfare state, big government schtick, was part of Trudeau’s platform.

Being a LIBERAL classical or modern is supposed to revolve around FREE SPEECH. The mere fact that all of the pedophiles and modern Leftists have a platform to express themselves is because Conservative Canadians did not CENSOR them, yet here we are, headed for a world in which the government doesn’t separate church and State; Trudeau is creating a Canada in which the Government is the new Church.

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The Canada Trudeau is hell-bent on creating has failed everywhere it’s been tried. In most nations that do not enjoy the benefit of being “a world’s reserve currency,” hyperinflation runs rampant, and debased currency is used to pay for BIG GOVERNMENT.

In undeveloped nations, the habit is for the left-wing socialists to grow the size of government BEFORE any MARKET development is made to the country’s infrastructure. Because the government doesn’t BUILD anything and usually contracts promises made to voters to the private sector, the federal government can inadvertently shoot itself in the foot by, as an example promising UNIONIZED labor unearned benefits, which forces the cost of building or maintaining infrastructure up.

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Unionized labor fights primarily for PRICE CONTROLS, and price controls could NEVER exist in a country absent of HARD MONEY. So let’s say the world was on a Gold Standard; well, there’s a COST to dig for Gold, and if the government creates an arbitrary price for labor, it’s actually in a gold standard created an arbitrary number for the money supply.


This is why, in a democratic political system, fiat money is inevitable, and it’s why I’m ANTI-government-gold-standard because, in a political democracy, people have the right to remain STUPID. Stupid people tend to vote for some sort of government redistribution scheme, so if you have any common sense, you will allow governments to dig their own graves and prepare for the inevitable.

I consider Tiff Macklem a FAR better Central Banker than Stephen Poloz ever was. Like it or not, there was a global pandemic, and Tiff Macklem did everything he could do LEGALLY to help Justin Trudeau make PROPER investments to weather the storm. Central Bankers are not supposed to be political, but Canada’s central bank is a Federal Crown Corporation and must do everything in its power to prevent hyperinflation and economic deflation.

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Central banks in modern times now target a 2% inflation rate, which is supposed to denote UNNOTICABLE consumer price inflation. The problem in Canada is that Justin Trudeau made the decision to prioritize BAD INVESTMENTS in the economy. Trudeau bet big that the Carbon tax would force the private sector to transition to a greener economy.

Well, so far, it hasn’t worked out; if I run a business, and I bet big that consumers will buy my widgets, but they never do; eventually, I have to declare bankruptcy, well in government, politicians don’t have to declare bankruptcy; because they have control over the money supply, politicians destroy the entire nation.

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Currently, Justin Trudeau is destroying Canada’s Public healthcare system; now I don’t think it was Trudeau’s INTENTION to destroy the Canadian healthcare system; the problem is that Trudeau made a lot of BAD investments as a prime minister, and now that the money he invested on things not producing POSITIVE cash flow, the central bank of Canada has found itself in NEGATIVE cash position.

An argument could be made that this was because Tiff Macklem rewarded Justin Trudeau’s bad investments, which included VOTE BUYING, but I argue central banks EXIST to prop up politicians; when Stephen Harper made it his mission to pay down the deficit, Stephen Poloz lowered interest rates. Canada’s housing market did very well when the U.S housing market crashed, and if Stephen Harper cared about Canada’s energy sector, he could have FORCED Quebec to allow the expansion of pipelines.

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Even if Quebec refused to allow the expansion of the pipeline, former prime minister Stephen Harper could have changed the transfer payments agreement, Harper did no such thing, and it was one of the reasons Justin Trudeau beat Harper in a landslide, as a lot of Conservatives in 2015 didn’t show up to vote. Stephen Poloz was EXTREMELY political; sure, I preferred Harper’s economic policies over Trudeau’s but not by much because the housing “boom” happened under Harper.

We may actually see housing price declines under Justin Trudeau; now, I don’t know if Canada’s central bank will give up its inflation fight, but it SHOULDN’T, regardless of how many bankruptcies there are coming down the pike. Immorality breeds immorality; while homeowners were getting rich because of asset price inflation, the rest of the country was paying HIGHER RENTS, this consumer price inflation was often going unnoticed because at that time, there was NO WAR ON FOSSIL FUELS.

But now that Justin Trudeau has created an economy in which consumer price inflation is even hitting owners of ASSETS, people deeply in debt are now feeling what renters were feeling, and we’re already starting to see who is swimming naked. But make no, mistake about it, this monstrosity of an economy is the product of DEMOCRACY, the parts within Canadian democracy are doing what the voters want.

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The NDP and the Liberals have formed a majority, and NDP voters have not voiced their anger about this merger, and together the NDP and the Liberals make up a little more than 50% of the votes in this country. The people have spoken, and the people of Canada currently want a BIG GOVERNMENT. History has shown big governments create economic ruin, but because most people don’t understand ECONOMIC and financial history, most people are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Mortgage defaults began when the pandemic began; Justin Trudeau bailed out a lot of mortgage holders; this was able to happen because Canada has “a world’s reserve currency;” most nations around the world wouldn’t dare bail out the RICH. In Scotland, you’re referred to as a “Lady” or a “Lord” if you own property, so yes, if you own a home, you should be considered rich, the Liberals in Canada, dating back to Pierre Trudeau, wanted to turn more Canadians into homeowners and they wanted to do this via wealth redistribution schemes.

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Well, these Liberal wealth redistribution schemes, which included zero-down mortgages and even down payment loans🤣(what could go wrong), are now being tested. Let’s see what happens; I’m told central banks have “tools” at their disposal; Justin Trudeau has been known to be a risk-taker(with other people’s money, ofcourse), so let’s see what these political folks can conjure up.

As long as these “Liberals” and Left Wingers stay away from my freedom of speech and expression, all is well for me. History is filled with people voting for IDIOTS and these idiots destroying entire nations. So excuse me if I appear to have a laissez-faire attitude to this economic madness!

Mortgage defaults starting to hit the market: broker


Interesting times ahead!