Justin Trudeau and The Federal Government May Have Bullied The Wrong Industry: Cross-country truckers convoy departs B.C. for Ottawa to protest vaccine mandate – January 20, 2022,

Canada’s tyrannical Federal Government has gotten used to bullying Canadians while giving themselves a pay raise and leaving Canadian taxpayers to pay all the bills. Because Canada has so many people on government welfare a lot of Canadian VOTERS cheerlead tyranny, SOMETIMES in fear they’ll lose their welfare perks provided to them at the expense of Canada’s working classes.

Trucking is different from health care, especially now that Canada has lost so many of its manufacturing jobs, a lot of the things we get into Canada has to be IMPORTED here, even some of the foods that you imagine are made EXCLUSIVELY in Canada often have IMPORT ingredients from foreign nations. Will Justin Trudeau change his mind?

That’s not important, what’s important is that his policies cause shortages, and Truckers nor any of Canada’s working class are his property. If vaccines work and the virus is as deadly as politicians claim, who cares if people opt not to get vaccinated it’s their funeral. The health care shortages in Canada are the result of prior and present regulatory policies on Canada’s health care system.

Boris Johnson drops mask mandate after political turmoil in England | RebelNews.com

I’ll be blunt I’m 100% AGAINST Universal Health Care, I think periods like this all health care professionals should be making a lot more money than they’re making, all of these additional regulations we put on health care workers should allow them to negotiate higher pay, which would also attract more people into the profession, but we’ve taken a stupid approach we have idiots like François Legault FIRING health care workers who refuse give in to his demands?

Being that cross-border travel is a Federal concern, Trudeau and Biden appeared to collaborate to bully Truckers into their public-private partnership with Big Pharma. Truckers shouldn’t be forced into these corporate welfare schemes, the vaccines haven’t proven to be 100% effective, some people are allergic to the vaccines, and Isreal is now headed in booster shot 4?

Consider supporting our truckers and stand strong in the face of tyrannical governments. Also, be warned that tyrannical governments are created by tyrannical voters, because of this countries dependence on the Welfare State, expect the media and other tyrannical Canadians who feel entitled to your body and your labour to double down on their tyrannical behavior. To anyone who ever called the Jews weak in the face of the tyrannical German government, SHAME ON YOU and behold Canada in 2022, look at all the tyranny Canadians have allowed under Justin Trudeau.

Standing up against tyranny is not as easy as saying a few words, you need to be willing to take bold action! Support our Truckers, if the link below is taken down, find Tamara Lich and other freedom fighters to push back against this tyrannical government.

**Money raised will be dispersed to our Truckers to aid them with the cost of the journey**
**Funds will be dispersed via e-transfer (preferred) but can also be sent by cheque if absolutely necessary**
**Funds will be spent to help cover the cost of fuel for our Truckers first and foremost, will be used to assist with food if needed and contribute to shelter if needed**

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Interesting times ahead