The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Because of Justin Trudeau, Canada ONLY has about 21,929 ounces of gold TOTAL, U.S has over 8000 TONS: If Erin O’Toole Wins the 2021 election Will He Replenish Canada’s Gold Reserves? – September 14, 2021


We’re in an era in which crypto-currency has value, for the record cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have been around since the 1990’s the reason it didn’t take off earlier than it did was because central banks weren’t stuck at zero percent interest rates.


The fact that most central banks all over the world are trapped at zero percent interest, has made most people assume that we’re heading for a new world order or a Modern Monetary Theory(MMT). To validate the legitimacy of Bitcoin, more and more people in government are talking about central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Most of the money in circulation all over the world today is already in digital format, and because the Federal Reserve and other central banks are stuck at zero, believers in big government assume that the only way forward is to give central banks and governments more power, do not include me in this club, before every great financial crash in history the people in charge got drunk with power and the people ignorant of the fact that money is a convenient form of barter, who might be rich in a particular form of leverage, will hold on dearly to something clearly on its death bed and why shouldn’t they?

The problem with the fiat money of today is that it’s losing its ties to the labour markets, when governments create bottoms, I describe a bottom as price and wage controls, these new government prices will be based on this government-created bottom, which means zero might be $1000 in government money and because it’s too expensive to cater to the poor, most entities will stop doing it.

Not a big deal many will argue, prop up the big corporations to do the government’s bidding? Well, this inevitably leads to STAGFLATION (a situation in which the inflation rate is high, the economic growth rate slows, and unemployment remains steadily high) Because capitalism is fueled by INNOVATION and the best innovation historically has started from somebodies basement, well because of government that basement is appreciating in value and people are literally getting rich for doing NOTHING!

We’re in a system now in which big governments are being rewarded by central bankers no matter how economically destructive their policies are. Some people think this is a new phenomenon, no this has happened in every country, throughout history, the European Union as an example exists today because a lot of the nations in that Union prior to the union being formed, destroyed their currencies.

Justin Trudeau The Face of Abortion, The Face of Feminism, The Face of Social Justice in Canada

Justin Trudeau The Face of Abortion, The Face of Feminism, The Face of Social Justice in Canada

Fiscal discipline is why America had a Gold Standard. Canada has been off a Gold Standard for a long time, but what most people forget is that America or the American dollar was powerful because at one point people could redeem their U.S dollars for Gold.

Eventually people including myself came to the conclusion that a Gold Standard wasn’t necessary, because as long as countries practiced fiscal discipline why should any country enforce a Gold Standard? Well, now we’re seeing why, whether it’s communism, democratic socialism, or national socialism, the majority of the governments of the world are moving closer and closer to totalitarian rule.

Why are more governments moving towards totalitarianism? Because fiscal discipline appears to be a relic of the past and if it’s a relic of the past, then it’s safe to assume that governments have free reign on their citizens’ freedoms and liberties?

This to me is why I’m not all-in on Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency for that matter, because these tokens are derivatives of fiat money, they have no value without Government, if the U.S dollar became worthless tomorrow, what’s a Bitcoin worth? What can you buy with a Bitcoin? Price discovery would be damn near impossible with cryptocurrencies without fiat money.

Well, if you base the U.S dollars in circulation compared to Fort Knox? the price of one ounce of Gold is about where the current Bitcoin coin Price is today maybe about $50K. Imagine if 1 ounce of Gold would cost you $50,000USD? That would make a $50,000USD a monthly paycheck for a low-wage earner.

But, you see, the problem with the size of government is the cost to service it, most governments workers have a paycheck that keeps up with the cost of inflation, so, if this money system as we know it today breaks, down, the price of Gold might do what Bitcoin is doing now, which is to price itself into the future.

Now at least for the United States, it has 8000+ tonnes of gold, this buys the U.S sometime, obviously, if people were to start dumping U.S dollars, this would equate to a forced default by the U.S government, but with 8000 tonnes, of gold, the U.S could still settle its debts, it would still be in a position to negotiate.

Canada has 21,929 ounces TOTAL of Gold, there are some INDIVIDUALS with that amount of gold. Making matters worse Canada has created a giant WELFARE state. In America, there are still people fighting like hell for capitalism and I guarantee you that if America goes broke, people will learn financial education very quickly.

Even More Justin Trudeau-Blackface

Even More Justin Trudeau-Blackface

In Canada on the other hand, not only did we sell off most of our gold reserves, but we’ve also created a massive welfare state in the process, it’s not just the welfare state that’s a problem for Canada, we have price controls, wage controls, tariffs and excessive regulations all over our economy, Canada is heavily dependent on the United States and the reason for this are TARIFFS.

Some people do not understand why Canada is heavily reliant on the United States, it’s not only because they’re a great trading partner it’s because of how we as a country approach trading with other nations. Being that Erin O’Toole is a supporter of CANZUK which is a proposed alliance comprising Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom I assume he knows a little bit of how dumb of a problem the Canadian economy has created for herself, but will he draw some attention back to Canada, by replenishing Canada’s Gold reserves?

A headline that reads Canada is buying Gold in record numbers will at the very least bring the right attention back to Canada. Now although Justin Trudeau could win the 2021 elections, when I went to vote early the Conservative voters not the Liberal voters were the most outspoken in the line.

It’s usually the other way around, usually, the Liberal people are the most outspoken, at least in my riding, so even in the event Justin Trudeau wins, he’s clearly losing momentum, to the point his own supporters feel embarrassed for supporting him

For myself this reminds me of Kathleen Wynne when she lost, she was really hated, but similar to Justin Trudeau it was around year 5 when Ontario really began hating her. Now, with this Federal election, there’s mail-in voting and people are wearing masks when they vote, so for myself, excessive election fraud wouldn’t surprise me.

My view of the situation is that we appear to be nearing the end of a cycle and it’s MMT vs. Gold it’s really no fun being the leader of a nation when it’s bankrupt. I expect Erin O’Toole will win, but if he doesn’t prepare Canada for a potential crash, he might feel the wrath of Canadians who may soon find their purchasing power deteriorating rapidly.

There are a lot of people betting on MMT and MMT is a failure, which based on my research it will be, interest rates will have to shoot up and for most people thinking about massive interest rate hikes now, it sounds Ridiculous based on the market conditions, but what I like to remind readers is that most of the money in circulation is DIGITAL and most of the debt is digital, meaning that the valuations of most things ARE FAKE!

 of Canada Justin Trudeau wearing Blackface makeup at a 2001 costume party

of Canada Justin Trudeau wearing Blackface makeup at a 2001 costume party

Most people do not understand that corporate welfare is the main driver of the current economy and what MMT represents is the government taking over the means of production, meaning that we’re moving from a Fascist economy into a full-blown Marxist economy I call it “LATE-STAGE-SOCIALISM” . The trigger to me is going to be COMPOUND SHORTAGES!

Gold is physical as is Canadian Oil and other commodities, my nuclear investments have been doing quite well recently, but for myself, I put all commodities in the same basket, currently, people are betting the nuclear will be the beneficiary of government welfare, that’s all great until the market realizes that in order to grow prices for commodities are going to have to come down, which they can’t because government regulations are forcing prices for everything UP! This economy has “collapse” is written all over it! and I think Erin O’Toole would be wise to consider replenishing Canada’s Gold reserves if he becomes Prime Minister

Canada sells off most of its gold reserves |

Interesting times ahead