Justin Trudeau caught lying AGAIN close to 90% of Canadians are NOT Vaccinated, Fully vaccinated Canadians have yet to reach 80%, Fully Vaxxed with the boosters is less than 40% – January 27, 2022,


Why bother even lying? This was such a pointless lie and if he wants to discredit the Freedom Convoy there are better ways to do it. Canada’s corruption index continues to get worse and the reason centers around Justin Trudeau. He could have easily said some encouraging words about getting vaccinated and why it’s important to get vaccinated instead he takes the divisive approach

Canada continues ‘disappointing’ drop in watchdog’s global corruption index: report | cbc.ca
‘This is more about the ripple effect of what’s happened over the last couple of years and not seeing a counterbalance in enforcement, new rules or the results of those new rules’

I’m not sure what Trudeau was hoping to accomplish because to be honest, I would have never watched this video had it not come across my feed, meaning that Trudeau would have been better off saying NOTHING instead of lying.

Trudeau discusses anti-vaccine mandate convoy rally planned for Parliament Hill | cbc.ca

So below are the numbers regarding vaccination rates. I have family in trucking, they’re vaccinated, my personal family is pro-vaccine, I’m only anti-vaccine mandates, even if Ebola was spreading in Canada I wouldn’t be pro-vaccine mandates, the vaccine is supposed to protect me from you, not the other way around. If you’re anti-vaccine maybe I don’t call you anymore? But I’m not going send the government to come to get you, that Nazi B.S is unacceptable.

The stats are available on the Canada.ca website? Does Trudeau even read this stuff and if he doesn’t can his handlers give him a teleprompter, because those of us trying to encourage people to consider being vaccinated are looking like idiots! I’m not going to lie to an anti-vaxxer, especially not for an immoral Prime Minister.

COVID-19 vaccination in Canada | https://health-infobase.canada.ca/covid-19/vaccination-coverage/ | canada.ca

Interesting times ahead!