Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

The Justin Trudeau Federal government launches loan program for Black-owned businesses – May 31, 2021,

2.9% of Canada’s population is black whereas in America 13.4% of their population is black, in Toronto where I’m from Black people are 4% of the population, and yet they account for as many as 40% of all murder victims. Being that neither white, south Asian, middle easterners, nor east Asian civilians or cops are being accused of systematically killing black people by black political leaders, I’d have to assume that most of the people killing black people in Toronto are black themselves.

These numbers should be ALARMING for Canadians because it means that per capita Black Canadians collectively may have the potential to be more violent than Black Americans if they were ever to become 13% of the population. Now, I personally think this loan by Trudeau is racist, but he’s been giving away loans, free money, and tax breaks to all sorts of people and entities, so I personally chuck this into Trudeau’s pile of vote-buying.

Tax break for Porsche dealership gets green light | cbc.ca

This is obvious vote-buying and it exists with almost every lobbyist group because this was obviously a campaign promise Trudeau made to his black political allies who will now attempt to take credit for the success of as many black businesses in Canada as they can.

I feel sorry for black businesses who are successful without Justin Trudeau because now because of Trudeau many of the successful black businesses are going to get wrongfully labeled as a beneficiary of Trudeau’s loan to black businesses even if they didn’t take or even apply for a government loan.

It won’t be anything new however I still look at Loblaws with disdain for getting free refrigerators at the expense of the taxpayer, once the government picks winners and losers, it never stops.

By the way to black people reading this if you apply for this black business loan and you don’t qualify or you don’t get the loan, I have to remind you that the black POLITICALLY connected people that lobbied for this ‘black” loan, probably told all their family and friends how to qualify long before Justin Trudeau made it official.

They only put the label “Black” on these sorts of things to garner sympathy for theft, in actuality, this is usually about enriching a certain segment of black business owners. So if you’re black and don’t get the loan don’t be surprised, I’ve heard about similar stories in First Nations, Muslim, and other minority communities who get government subsidies from which only a few of the politically connected benefit.

All of this crap is one giant scam that comes as the result of the Welfare State. If the government knows better than you in one instance, why doesn’t the government know better than you in every instance? If you’re against austerity measures this is the new normal, so get used to it!

Federal government launches loan program for Black-owned businesses | cp24.com

Interesting times ahead

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