Justin Trudeau may soon have Joe Biden’s supply chain problems: Canadian Government Stayed Quiet While Christian Churches BURNED to the ground – November 19, 2021,

Costal States and Provinces are the most susceptible to Left-Wing politics, and for good reason. You’d have to be a complete idiot to destroy an economy bordered with the United States with access to the Pacific Ocean? especially if you’re a Western Nation that understands that a market economy like or not WORKS!

There’s an old saying when it rains it pours, the prosperity created by those before us allowed Leftism in Canada to prosper, the beautiful infrastructure built by people who not only loved Canada but who wanted to make profits for themselves left Canadians one job and one job only, maintain the infrastructure. ignore the government climate change scam for a moment and remember that Canada has a long history of natural disasters.

Many of the natural disasters occurring now, happened in the past, now one of the reasons Canada is being bombarded with natural disasters now, has little to do with climate change and more to do with SQUANDERED money. In an effort to get the problem off the books and secure some votes with the Islamic community Justin Trudeau gave Omar Khadr a $10.5 million settlement.

Now, this money came at the expense of the taxpayer, this money could have easily been used for an INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT, $10.5 million even in today’s money can go a long way. Because the government incompetence of the past had a devastating effect on First Nations people in Canada, a few people, many of whom were probably White Atheists decided to burn down RANDOM Christian Churches in Canada?

These stories barely made the news and contributed to unnecessary rising costs for everyone, this was avoidable and could have stopped or at least been addressed with some urgency, but since the government’s house wasn’t on fire, the media made sure it didn’t give these stories much attention, because after all if it’s not a group of individuals likely to grow the Leftist vote in Canada, why should the government-dependent media care about it?

Well, things eventually come full circle, all of a sudden Canada might have a supply chain problem? Now, I’m not sure how bad this problem might be, but this Port of Vancouver problem could prove to be problematic especially now that Canada’s debt tops $1 Trillion. Now, typically when the U.S economy struggles, people start buying up U.S dollars, this is due in large part because most of the wealth in the world is calculated in U.S dollars and most people only hoard other currencies for business and investment-related transactions.

Livio Di Matteo: Modest fiscal rules could have saved billions in federal spending | financialpost.com

But if the U.S economy starts to slow, regardless of how dumb Joe Biden policies are, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the U.S dollar begins to rise aggressively at the expense of the Canadian dollar, now although this will be good for exports to the United States, this would equate to even more inflation for Canadian consumers.

About a year ago I thought $0.60USD would buy you $1 Canadian dollar, I was wrong or maybe this was simply delayed, I came to this conclusion primarily because of Canada’s inability to SERVICE its own debts. You have to remember that Justin Trudeau borrowed money during a period in which Canada’s economy was BOOMING and then COVID-19 hit and Justin’s response was to send Canadians free money, COVID-19 actually crashed the Canadian housing market.

Mortgage payment, rental, and other debt deferrals became a thing as did CERB in which some Canadians made more money staying at home doing nothing than they did working a 9-5 job. Now, because I didn’t take CERB I’m not even sure how the process works regarding repayments or taxation, but that alone is going to put Canada further in the red and these additional COVID-19 regulations along with Climate Change regulations along with social justice regulations is a remake of the Canadian economy.

Pre-Covid, I thought the Canadian economy would have many challenges based on the stupidity of Trudeau’s policies, moving forward, the cost to service debt has skyrocketed there are far more regulations on industries now than there were before and as we can see, infrastructure in Canada needs investment. In the end, we have to wait and see what happens, but Canada be warned we may have just inherited an unexpected supply chain problem.

Terence Corcoran: Biden’s bad green policy supply chain | financialpost.com

Interesting times ahead