Justin Trudeau over-spends on useless projects and goes frugal on Canadian essentials: Ottawa buys another second-hand icebreaker for the coast guard – November 11, 2021,

So Trudeau went as far as to lend a helping hand to a Porsche dealer, which obviously came as the result of successful lobbying efforts and for those of us who pay attention, this is how Left-Wingers operate, they’re the easiest to corrupt and most of the people who vote for Left-Wing politicians are financially illiterate, so these people ignorant of economics often pay little to no attention to overt corruption.

Vanier residents protest $2.9M tax break for Porsche dealership | cbc.ca

Anyway, this is not the first time Justin Trudeau has gone frugal on essential services, this is one of the many times Trudeau has done this, and the purpose for it is unclear because the Liberals and their supporters have a “sky is falling” mindset Trudeau can make up any reason he wants as an excuse as to why he continues to go cheap where it matters.

Deal to buy used Australian fighter jets finalized, with Canadian Forces set to be flying them by summer | TheHill
Eighteen of the Australian F-18 aircraft will eventually be flying for the Canadian Forces, while another seven will be used for testing and spare parts

It always amazes me how much ice still remains, and how cold parts of the earth still is. I also think people forget a simple volcano eruption get let off more Co2 emissions than anything humans could ever do and when volcanoes erupt, it’s over for us. If an asteroid hits the earth it’s over for us. Now that humanity is more technologically advanced, we should be focusing our attention on real problems that we’re currently able to address, but we can’t address them because Leftists are more focused on spending money on wasteful things that make them feel good.

Canadian Coast Guard adds second-hand icebreaker to fleet at a cost of $45 million | TheHill

Interesting times ahead