The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Justin Trudeau Has Been Prime Minister Since 2015, with the help of The NDP, Bloc, and Greens Made HOUSING Worse for working-class, while Bailing out CORPORATIONS – August 25, 2021,

The one thing I like about the generation that follows me is that they’re more financially educated than my and generations before I was. Online has been a terror for Leftists and the mainstream media for that matter because more young people have access to financial education, the younger generations growing up are comprehending how bad their parents, the government, and most propped-up corporations are with money.

This is one of the reasons there has been such an aggressive push to censor speech online, a lot of people want to convince you that tyranny is this new phenomenon, it’s not, the difference now than in years prior to the internet is that Westerners were IGNORANT of their rights, which obviously allowed the government to push them around and control them.

Well in the modern era, it’s hard to hide stupidity, but the media does an excellent job making dumb politicians appear to be smart. I give credit where it’s due, it’s amazing to me how good a job the mainstream media does propping up both Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau, this actually forced me to do research into prior Canadian and American leaders, to see if this is just how things were.

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Turns out that the media has always been corrupt, however, the politicians of the past were a lot smarter than they are now. With that said Justin Trudeau’s housing plan isn’t coherent, because Justin Trudeau’s weakness has always been the economy, Justin Trudeau is a trust fund baby and most people do not know that a trust fund is a means to avoid PAYING TAXES!

Justin Trudeau’s entire life is an embarrassment because one would assume that his dad Pierre who was a tax and spend big government Liberal, would want to pay his fair share? But no, Pierre made sure his son was not burdened with the taxes we Canadian serfs have to pay, so rightfully so Justin Trudeau wouldn’t know anything about balancing a checkbook at least one that involved paying his fair share to Canada’s public sector.

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