Justin Trudeau Became Prime minister of Canada in 2015: 7 of 15 Canadian industries experienced an overall decline in investment from 2015 to 2019 – July 31, 2021,

I’ll keep this post as short as possible because this is one of those posts in which I’m singing to the choir, believers in big government tend not to imagine that big government leads to policy. With that said, Canada has experienced a steep decline in investments, which should be obvious when you read about employers in Canada having a difficult time finding talent.

Canada still has a brain drain problem, it’s not talked about as much because of “Woke culture” but this problem still exists and is being made worse by every n added regulation on the Canadian economy. Because you have to understand the best and brightest Canada has to offer have options.

A quick warning that the article I point to below doesn’t take the same approach I would to addressing Canada’s brain drain problem, but most Canadian news outlets like to pretend Canada’s Brain drain problem is or will be solved by mass migration.

Whereas I like to point out that the best and brightest, go to where their talents are treated best, meaning that if Canada wasn’t at war with Western culture, we wouldn’t have a brain drain problem

New threats to an old problem: The pandemic has made ‘brain drain’ even worse | financialpost.com
With physical borders closed and virtual ones open, highly skilled tech workers getting poached by international companies

Now although the article above is focused on the tech sector, the harsh reality is that this brain drain problem is in every sector. It’s one of the reasons why Canadians do so many imports from China. Let’s say I’m a Canadian with an idea to build a widget, but because no Canadian wants to invest in Canada, I as a widget maker instead of paying a Canadian company to build my widget instead go to China to build my widget, which I then sell back to Canada at a markup.

After all, it’s the Canadian consumer who pays the tariff and if I was raised in Canada, I have a better understanding of the Canadian consumer. Now, had the Canadian government embraced Canadian entrepreneurs instead of embracing labor unions and special interest groups, the Brain drain topic could be put into its proper context.

However in the modern era, the brain drain problem is a bit of mystery, because the average Canadian can’t make the connection, that more government regulations, lead to entire industries shutting down, which leads to Canadian colleges and universities often training Canada’s best and brightest to take their talents to other countries, like America.

Now, the Canadian governments’ response to Canada’s brain drain is even more boneheaded, The Department of Canadian Heritage s a prime example of how Canada’s brain drain problem is made worse. Canada has a lot of permanent economic fixtures that have little to no value in the free market, where there is value, The Department of Canadian Heritage inflates said value, which for exacerbates the brain drain problem, especially for a person with a creative mind.

What’s really sad is that Canada’s government is now filled with academics, many of whom have never started a business or who know nothing about starting a business, so of course, this problem is only going to get worse in time, as most of these Big Government loving people will be further propped up by existing Canadian institutions.

Now although I personally believe Erin O’Toole will win the next election, there’s a chance Justin Trudeau could pull it off. Pierre Trudeau was never blamed for the economic disasters he caused, if people forget, the brain drain began primarily because of Pierre Trudeau who at the time was very close with Fidel Castro, Canadians back then were well aware of the disasters of Communism, during that period, National Socialism, was still socialism and it fell, the U.S.S.R was a form of socialism at it fell.

When people are wanting war to be a distant memory they flee from any country trying to embrace the economic model that has historically always led to war. People fled Europe to Canada and America to escape SOCIALISM and even back then when Pierre Trudeau embraced socialism it spooked a lot of Canadian parents who knew better.

Now, just because Canadian parents don’t say anything, doesn’t mean they don’t encourage their children to go to the country in which their talents are treated best. The revolution will not be televised or politicized. The people who fled Germany before Hitler became all-powerful aren’t talked about, nor are the people who fled the Soviet Union prior to their socialist revolution, Italian also fled Italy prior to its national socialist trial.

Canada has made being a private business owner so difficult that a lot of people from China, who are educated in Canada are imagining more economic opportunities in China than they can see in Canada. That’s an embarrassment, apparently, we in Canada want green energy but we have to have our solar panels and wind farms made in China?

Canadian private sector sees drop in investment from 2015-19: report | financialpost.com

Interesting times ahead