Justin Trudeau Says Unvaccinated People Have To Accept The ‘Consequences’ Of His Decisions – June 24, 2022,


I’ve heard Justin Trudeau supporters say “He’s badass” implying that his tyrannical behavior is welcomed in their view of the world. But what Trudeau presents to Canadians is a reminder of how bad things can get in such a short period of time, when the wrong people are in charge. People opposed to Trudeau, currently are very upset with the direction he’s taking the country, he’s been consistently tyrannical and it’s getting old.

When some of us were growing up, we grew tired of big government, people like Justin Trudeau in my era were associated with lame Conservatives who wanted to force many of us to go to church and give our lives to Christ. Well, Trudeau is the equivalent to a Big Brother figure, I’m going to punish you for not listening to me?

Justin Trudeau Says Unvaccinated People Have To Accept The ‘Consequences’ Of Their Decision | narcity.com

It’s pathetic, but it’s also the current reality of Canadians, being led by this condescending man, what to do? What to say? For myself, “meh” positive attributes to Justin Trudeau is he’s sticking to his guns, he’s been consistently tyrannical. He was caught on tape claiming to admire China’s basic dictatorship and if we’re to be honest, he’s putting his admiration into practice

It’s definitely in Trudeau’s best interest to defend his Emergencies Act decision because unlike the vaccine mandates, his Emergencies Act declaration is something that’s going to not only haunt him, but the Liberal Party of Canada moving forward. You can’t scale that back and although we’re currently living in the moment of what he did, it’s an unforgettable moment.

All I will add is that the CBC claims “Trudeau said Unvaccinated People Have To Accept The ‘Consequences’ Of Their Decision” I disagree, they’re paying for the consequences of his decisions because just like a basic dictatorship he and his government have decided that they knows what’s best for everyone else.

Trudeau defends vax mandates, Emergencies Act decision, in interview | cbc.ca

Interesting times ahead!