President Joe Biden signs executive orders

President Joe Biden signs executive orders

Justin Trudeau vs. Joe Biden Why America’s supply chain crisis might be 10X worse than Canada’s – October 28, 2021,

Donald Trump turned out to be the best thing lobbyist for the Democrat Party could ever imagine, anything to stop Trump, many Democrat loyalists and independents told themselves during the 2020 election, and because of this, it’s unlikely anyone paid close attention to Joe Biden’s overt corruption or low IQ. The media has tried to paint Joe Biden as a man who is on the decline, but he’s always been an idiot, he is where he is today because of Barack Obama.

Hariplug Joe has worked a lot on his IMAGE but he’s always been a man of little substance, being that a section of Americans were jubilant when Trump lost, Joe Biden was able to give special interest groups all sorts of goodies, that have in LESS THAN A YEAR began tearing down America’s already fragile infrastructure.

Now in Canada, even during the reign of the Conservative government, Canada had gotten used to a centrally planned economy so when Justin Trudeau became Prime minister in 2015, there really wasn’t much for him to do, in fact, most of what Justin Trudeau has tried to do has backfired and led to scandals, which oddly enough prevented him from ding what Joe Biden was able to do his first week in office which was to reshape the American economy via a record signing of executive orders.

Canada doesn’t have the same problem as California, not yet anyway, in California, their State government has gone to war with the Gig Economy, the labor unions especially those in government have unfunded pensions as well as problems financing their current bloated government, and they’re wanting to force contractors and individuals in the Gig economy to become employees who pay INCOME taxes. Employees can’t write off expenses, when you’re an employee in California, you have to pay income taxes which are easier for a bankrupt State government to take and hand over to bankrupt government programs.

In reaction to this, there’s a trucker shortage in California, there are obviously other labour shortage problems in California and this is a very valuable component to the supply chain in the United States. Now, this problem will probably be solved in time, by making sure that in the future America’s supply chain isn’t so centralized on one port, but in the meantime, Florida as an example is pitching to companies to use their port instead.

Florida currently has far fewer regulations than California and even though Florida will raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour after 2026 Florida is not a war with the Gig economy. So it’s likely that more truckers who preferred to be self-employed will find themselves in Florida. In Canada, Justin Trudeau currently doesn’t have this problem.

British Columbia is very progressive, but Canadians, in general, aren’t as entrepreneurial as Americans, furthermore, Canada’s immigration system is far more targeted than is America’s. Long-Haul Truck Drivers have been in high demand in Canada for quite some time, one of the reasons the tragic 2018 Humboldt Broncos bus crash in Saskatchewan occurred is because Canada has a truckers shortage and requires often unqualified immigrants to fill the void.

Canada has a welfare state problem, Canada has created an economic environment that guarantees the debasement of the Canadian dollar, and rewards its citizens for being UNPRODUCTIVE, in response to this the Canadian government often plugs holes in its economy via TARGETED immigration. Also, the progressives in Canada, don’t feel like time isn’t on their side, in America, the thinking for their Progressives is that they have a limited window and that’s why so much corruption often occurs while Democrats are in power.

Joe Biden and the Democrats in most U.S States are often in bed with lobbyists, it’s so pervasive that it’s clearly no longer even monitored, and being that American academic test scores continue to trail the rest of the developed world, the Democrats who are often in charge of running the public school systems, are now openly engaging in corrupt behavior and unless you understand basic economics, you’re not going to comprehend when overt corruption is happening right in front of your face, furthermore, even if you do recognize it, you might assume that this is how things are supposed to be or maybe you might remain silent in fears a Left-Wing nutjob might attempt to destroy your life because their government welfare check is there livelihood.

So when Joe Biden signed all of those executive orders, most Americans didn’t even bother to ask what was in all of those executive orders, most Americans have long forgotten about all of those executive orders and are waiting on the new round of stimulus spending, which started under Barack Obama, who by the way never fixed the economy when it crashed in 2008. All signs in America point to a supply chain crisis because power hin the supply chain has RECENTLY been concentrated in a few hands.

In Canada, power in the supply chain has been concentrated in a few hands for a very long time now. Canadians even on a per capita basis don’t have the same amount of courier or delivery options as the United States. Canada has a more established corporatist supply chain infrastructure already in place. It’s not to say that it can’t break down, it’s just that Joe Biden along with California has created a massive problem that won’t be fixed in a few months.

Joe Biden has created a system-wide problem, that has no easy solution based on their current economic and regulatory policies. If you ask me I’d tell you that technology has left labor unions as obsolete relics of the past. If you look at certain parts of Europe a lot of functions of government are being replaced with technology, the government is actually shrinking in certain parts of Europe, a lot of European countries aren’t at war with the Gig economy they’re embracing it, which is one of the reasons Federal minimum wages have been abolished in a quite a few European nations.

The gig economy worker, the contractor can spend more time with their family without the worry of a boss, this also cures the ‘problem’ of racism or prejudice in the workplace, because more people are working for themselves and employers have to often pay an above-market wage, to get an employee to work for their company.

Labor Unions/special interest groups are going to war in many western nations to stop this gig/contractor transition from being successful, but this trucker shortage in America, is shining a bright light on the obvious, technology is creating deflation and the growth of government is dependent on the debasement of the money supply.

Whatever happens in America will affect Canada, Joe “Jimmy Carter” Biden is building quite the legacy for himself at the moment, and it’s not abnormal in human history for believers in big government to double down on failing ideals. So this supply chain crisis could potentially get a lot worst before things change for the better

Interesting times ahead!