Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax destroying Canada’s Universal Health Care System: ‘A crisis for home care’: Droves of Health Care Professionals leave for the higher-paying hospital and nursing home jobs – October 31, 2021,

Prior to the Pandemic, Doug Ford had warned Justin Trudeau about the carbon tax, Trudeau imposed it anyway. Most of the medical professionals I know who have more than 1 job, have a car even if they live in the city because it’s very difficult to have 2+ jobs and take the bus to work because if you’re waiting on public transit and you have more than one job, you’re going to be late for jobs more times than not.

This will limit your earning potential if you’re a medical professional who is forced to pay artificially high prices for everything. So this often leads most health care professionals to buy a car, now, if you’re a health care professional who owns a car, there are potential, monthly leases, insurances, maintenance, and higher gas prices due to Justin Trudeau’s carbon taxes that the medical professional must factor in when they go to work.

With that said, home care in Ontario pays health care professionals in Ontario very cheap and there are 730,000 home care recipients in Ontario who are 100% reliant on the government to pay their home care bills. The information I posted above regarding the COSTS of being a medical professional in Ontario doesn’t even include food, taking care of one’s other needs, family, and enjoying one’s life, union dues, and other costs I’m forgetting. Medical professionals aren’t MACHINES and you’re not entitled to their labor.

According to the article below, over 3000 medical professionals have stopped doing home care, and quite frankly I don’t blame them. Canadians doubled down on voting for Justin Trudeau 2021 and one of the biggest supporters of the Liberal Party are old people who are dependent on government services. Well apparently many of these Trudeau voters failed basic economics and they’re going to have to suffer the consequences.

Carbon taxes appear to be a permanent fixture on Canadian life moving forward and a lot of these Justin Trudeau immigrants appear to love them some welfare so it’s unclear that even if Canadians opt for mass migration that these migrants will even want these health care jobs. The cost of working in Canada is going up and I personally can’t blame Ontario’s health care workers for going to where they make the most money.

Universal Health Care isn’t free, and I always like to point out that Canadians in almost every province already have access to universal basic income in the form of Provincial welfare. What the UBI people want is a NO QUESTIONS ASKED welfare option, because provincial welfare, you have to at least appear to be looking for a job.

Employers which in the Canadian health system care include the government already have to compete with government welfare programs, a lot of working-age able-bodied Canadians don’t work, because they’ve discovered a loophole in the system and the people who do work, Justin Trudeau keeps raising their cost of living.

I always like to point out that people on welfare or people dependent on the government don’t care about Inflation, after all, why should they? if you don’t work, you’re not contributing to society, and if you’re not contributing, you’re not paying the silent tax,  the silent tax is being paid by the working classes. The people stuck paying the silent tax have to survive somehow and they’re working in parts of their field that pay them the most money, and I support them for doing that!

‘A crisis for home care’: droves of workers leave for hospitals, nursing homes | nationalpost.com

Interesting times ahead!