Justin Trudeau’s Government Goes On Reckless Debt Fueled Spending Spree, But wants to amend C-208 citing tax evasion? – July 21, 2021,

The real tax cheats are clearly in the public sector, you’re a tax cheat if you’re spending beyond your means and forcing the people who pay taxes to indebt their children to pay for your reckless spending. There is clearly a concerted effort to score political points at the expense of the PRODUCTIVE private sector. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again if you operate in the private sector, it would be smarter to declare bankruptcy than take a government loan!

FIst off in Canada Farmers and small business owners have to compete with the government in that certain entities in Canada have royal assent which forces many private businesses to take on more unnecessary risks and debt. Regarding farmers, supply management is a real thing in Canada, and not every farmer enjoys this luxury, any farmer(s) who enjoy this government privilege are the result of bad government policy, and even in the event they too would benefit or suffer via the changes C-208 this is a complete result of government.

Regarding other private businesses, they should be allowed to sue the federal government for not allowing them to be as profitable as they otherwise would be had the Canadian government not been diluting their purchasing power as well as limiting their options in the marketplace.

Last year, as an example there was evidence that showed the Federal Government was allowing foreigners who may have had covid-19 into Canada, this has been a serious burden on the private sector, forcing many private businesses to close and in some instances go into debt with the government.

These proposed changes to C-208 during a period in which many private businesses would like to sell their businesses due to Government mismanagement is politically driven because it appears we’re heading towards an election.

The Trudeau Government has been blatantly picking economic winners and losers in the economy and now they’re clearly attempting to buy votes. What actually bothers me the most about this bill, will be the potential for added costs on businesses which is going to drive up costs for businesses thereby driving up prices on consumers and the end result will also attract the WRONG type of business person.

There’s a lot of businesses in Canada, that basically buy and hold or lease out commercial property at an above-market rate and offer no real value to this country. A lot of Canada’s private sector that could be in existence now are not because of the CURRENT ridiculous costs of doing business in this country, the proposed changes to C-208 will accelerate this problem and although some business owners will probably sell anyway, the type of business that replaces them in more instances than not most likely provide less value for higher costs.

It’s pretty disgusting what’s happening to this country, when this market crashes it should be no surprise to anyone the reasons why.

Liberals, MPs urged not to unwind easing of tax rules on sale of family businesses | reddeeradvocate.com

Interesting times ahead!