Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Is Justin Trudeau’s Government Welfare For Everybody Destroying Universal Health Care in Canada? – Systemic Crisis In Emergency Care – July 10, 2021,

A quick reminder to socialists and Communists alike at the very least Hitler and his National Socialism ideology as well as Karl Marx and his Communist ideology all revolved around unearned benefits for “THE WORKING CLASS”. The Then working-class Germans rallied behind Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers’ Party because he convinced the German working class that he would not only clear their debts but bring respect back to Germany. In regards to Karl Marx, the entire communist Manifesto revolved around the WORKING CLASS. If the manifesto promised UBI, Marxism would have never gained any traction.

Universal Basic Income is not about the working class, it’s about giving free fiat money to people who will have the option NOT TO WORK!

With traditional socialism, the concept behind it was to pay the working class an above-market wage, while at the same time giving them certain ECONOMIC protections under the law. I disagree with the government getting involved in the markets, but democracy is all about hammering out a deal that benefits everyone.

Ever since Barack Obama bailed out Wall Street and near-zero percent interest rates have become the norm, Leftists are, of course, attempting to build their socialist utopia. The problem with this socialist utopia is that their subjects have the option not to work, which has always been the problem with socialism.

One of the reasons we have legal tender laws is that if as an example we used gold and silver instead of fiat money, no one would care about legal tender laws, a Gold coin is a gold coin, a silver coin is a silver coin and if I leave Canada and take my gold with me, whatever country I move too will not care that my gold or silver coin has Canada stamped on it because it’ value will be the same wherever I go.

Fiat money on the other hand has forex markets, people forget the forex markets are only about 500 years old, whereas silver being used as money is over 5000 years old. The entire forex industry is used to prevent free trade, it’s the basis of legal tender laws and legal tender laws are the root causes of poverty.

If as an example every nation in Africa wasn’t forced into legal tender laws, does anyone really think the continent of Africa would be as poor as it is now? Of course not! Legal tender laws allow the government to STEAL from the people. So in the story, I point to below, health care professionals in Canada are having the spoils of their labor stolen from them via Justin Trudeau.

Universal Basic Income is THEFT, I get it, it’s not called UBI right now, right now we call it The Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) but it’s still theft, people forget Justin Trudeau is stealing money from the unborn to pay people to do nothing. Now, sure politically this looks fantastic on Justin Trudeau’s resume, his short-sighted, brain dead followers imagine Justin Trudeau to be this kind and noble man, but to the people who actually make our lives better in Canada, they’re beginning to ask themselves what’s in it for me?

As the price of oil climbs, people who have to commute to their jobs are finding that the purchasing power of their Canadian fiat money is purchasing fewer goods and services, furthermore, Justin Trudeau via his carbon taxes is guaranteeing their lives will be more expensive in the future.

Now if a health care worker were to simply take UBI disguised as The Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB), sure maybe they’d lose a few dollars, but their cost of living would also fall drastically also. I have friends in Venezuela and they tell me, that even in Venezuela now, there are obese people who do not work and actually stopped working when former President Hugo Chavez begin incentivizing people not to work.

When the government begins tinkering around with the economy, people start to measure the pros and cons of showing up to work. Gasoline in 2021 is still the cheapest in Venezuela, sure there are days when there is no gas at the gas stations in Venezuela, but via government subsidies, gasoline is basically free in Venezuela, which means that energy costs are low in Venezuela, which means they have no energy market and therefore most people in Venezuela are disincentivized from working.

How this translates to Canada is that once the government destroys the market, all sorts of weird things start happening. Shortages are of goods, services and labour are usually the first signs of coming economic chaos. There’s a risk to being productive and if wage earners are rewarded for working less, they’ll work less. I personally used to work 2 jobs and had 2 unions in which I paid union dues, in both of these companies, employees were disincentivized from working overtime.

The harder you work in Canada, the more you’re taxed.

Federal tax rates for 2021
15% on the first $49,020 of taxable income, plus
20.5% on the next $49,020 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over 49,020 up to $98,040), plus
26% on the next $53,939 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $98,040 up to $151,978), plus
29% on the next $64,533 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over 151,978 up to $216,511), plus
33% of taxable income over $216,511

Our income tax structure is mentally retarded if you’re a government who that wants to collect more taxes, but you see, politically what works democratically is the Marxist doctrine which is focused on demonizing the rich. So idiots when they hear taxing the rich, forget that they’re disincentivizing the working class to work harder.

Because harder work equates to PUNISHMENT. Because people on Welfare can vote, of course, they vote for this nonsense, corporations which can automate wage earners out of existence, as that the government tax them more. Anyone who knows anything about owning a business knows that when you own a business, you’re incentivized to take on debt or grow your assets, why? to avoid hoarding legal tender, which is taxable!

I’m not going to waste any more time on what should be obvious, but what I will say is Canadians often take pride in their Universal Health Care system, but I have to remind Canadians, that there are few markets fundamentals in our Universal Health Care system, which means if tax revenue dries up and if the Canadian dollar buys less, labour costs for health care workers are going to be FORCED UPWARDS.

Wage inflation in the face of economic deflation is usually a recipe for disaster or austerity measures! Which is usually creates economic conflicts most people will not know how to diagnose.

‘This isn’t a heat wave issue’: B.C. paramedics say there’s a systemic crisis in emergency care | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!