Justin Trudeau’s idiotic regulation on Travel was unnecessary: Flight cancellations mount as Canadian airlines struggle with staff shortages – January 7, 2022,

When you’re bombarded with news about “SHORTAGES” it’s usually a sign that the government has too many regulations. a few months back Trudeau basically made it impossible for Canadians to travel via plane without adhering to his vaccine mandates, well, what the idiot Prime Minister forgot was that a lot of working-class people working for airlines have no interest in government forced vaccinations, so many have quit and many who may have gotten one or two jabs are refusing additional future vaccination failures.

All of this government regulatory stupidity is adding up and it’s leaning towards economic collapse. I’m not sure what the government imagines as their end goal? But these shortages are becoming a normalized everyday word in the media now, shortages usually occur because something has been banned by an authority figure. Anything that is scarce usually goes up in price, but a lot of industries have price controls and regulations that force an industry to adhere to government guidelines.

Often is the case that rules at the top are passed down to people on the bottom and these rules often lead to employees saying “the hell with this I’m either going to quit and take a few days off,” especially if my wages just increased and I alw=most qualify for unemployment benefits. What idiot leftists forget is that the economy was overly regulated before the pandemic.

Politicians don’t have to work under the conditions they create and enforce, so they don’t care, but the people who have to work under these conditions are saying screw this, I’ll wait this thing out and this is leading to shortages everywhere and because Left-Wing politicians are pro-social-justice, they don’t have a leg to stand on.

In my opinion, we’re heading for an economic depression that government will attempt to hide by printing money that will fuel even more consumer price inflation and shortages until it becomes apparent that austerity measures are the only way out of this mess. Don’t get too excited yet, lovers of big government hate austerity measures and will say and vote for anything to keep the government welfare money train going.

Flight cancellations mount as Canadian airlines struggle with staff shortages | ctvnews.ca

Interesting times ahead