Justin Trudeau’s One Size Fits All Canadian Politics causing Food Scarcity in Canadian rural and remote areas – January 18, 2022,

In America, you can see different policies from State to State, city to town, because each location is faced with different challenges and it should be stupid to apply the same policies in a major city as you’d apply in a small town. In Canada as an example, I’ve often stated that I do think Canada Post should exist as a government entity because there are regions in Canada, that Private couriers in modern times aren’t willing to go to without passing very high costs onto the consumers.

With that said, I’d much rather Canada Post be VOLUNTARILY subsidized rather than, the monopolistic profit-driven model Canadians have to finance today. How the Canadian government has opted to battle covid-19 is currently leading to food shortages in certain regions in Canada. Why? Because Canada gives little to no incentive for people to live in rural or remote areas, so labor is scarce in many smaller towns. I’ve been saying it for years now, why are people on welfare living in major cities?

If you’re not paying your fair share you shouldn’t have the privilege of living in a major city, a lot of the welfare leeches in major cities should be in these rural areas working and contributing to the development of this country. Canada is filled with jobs, but people on welfare refuse to take them because they have the option of not working, I’d make sure people who refuse to work and want welfare are shipped out to these rural areas so they pay their fair share of the tax burden.

There are ABLE BODIED people in Canadian cities that haven’t worked for DECADES and they collect all sorts of welfare, why should I have to subsidize these people? It’s more expensive to house them in a major city, if they need government money, they shouldn’t have a say in where they live. Send them out to these rural areas so they can work. If you want government welfare, you have to pay your fair share to society. Anyway, the story I point to below is the result of Justin Trudeau’s one size fits all approach to dealing with covid-19. Because the Federal government also decided to go to war with truckers, don’t be surprised if this problem begins to spread.


Grocery store closures loom amid labour, product shortages | winnipegfreepress.com


Interesting times ahead!