The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Justin Trudeau’s outright stupidity is wasting a lot of money and resources: Ottawa police say a new “Integrated Command Centre”(ICC) with the RCMP and the OPP will help to respond to downtown protest – February 13, 2022,


The Black Lives Matter protests in Canada in which Justin Trudeau participated led to The Black Entrepreneurship Loan Fund was announced in September 2020 by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. One can assume Justin Trudeau launched this program because of the whole Blackface incident, plus he wanted their vote in the 2021 election. Anyway, the BLM protest led to Canadian tax dollars going to special interest groups?

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On the other side, the Freedom Convoy revolves around getting Canadian freedoms back, the Freedom Convoy isn’t requesting any free money or special privileges it’s asking for Canadian liberties and freedoms back? Statues were torn down during the Left-Wing protests, Trudeau was sympathetic to these people, the Canadian press barely covered the story, for obvious reasons the BBC covered the British Queen statue being torn down in Canada, but the Sir John A. Macdonald Statue was also torn down and it got little to know negative coverage in Canada

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Resources weren’t wasted clearing these protestors, because these protestors broke all sorts of laws, if the Freedom Convoy protestors were as destructive as the Left Wing protestors, Trudeau wouldn’t have to waste time and money forming the “Integrated Command Centre”(ICC). The ICC was created because, well, how do you end a peaceful protest? You end a peaceful protest by meeting with the protestors, something Justin Trudeau has refused to do.

The problem Ottawa police are having is that initiating force, again the Freedom Convoy protestors have been peaceful, and because Justin Trudeau REFUSED to meet with them, you’d have to assume morale is low amongst Ottawa Police. There are LAW ABIDING hardworking blue-collar workers in this protest. Anyway, the RCMP and OPP will be used to initiate force against the protestors in a more coordinated way.

Moving forward what does this mean exactly? You have to really think about this for a moment, three different police forces now merged into one, to combat peaceful protestors? How does the future of Canada look after this? Let’s hope this doesn’t become a permanent fixture in Canadian policing, because if we’re to be honest, this was entirely avoidable, Justin Trudeau met with the protestors.

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Notice how we don’t talk about Covid-19 anymore? it shows you that the Government and its minion media were drunk with power all along, America is almost fully opened up and I suspect mandates will be lifted soon, in Canada, Trudeau merely wants to make it appear that mandates will be lifted on his own terms. Joe Biden called Justin Trudeau regarding the disruptions in the supply chain, Joe Biden’s polling numbers are low and the last thing Biden wants is more economic disruptions.

Now, the reason why I framed this post in the manner I did, is the economic consequences of this convoy to the Canadian economy is going to hit hard, and Trudeau is still spending money. If Trudeau understood basic economics, he would have gotten ahead of this Freedom Convoy problem, but, hey, let’s see how this saga plays out.

My feelings on the Freedom Convoy is that I’m proud of my country, the conversation has changed, at this point, Trudeau can dig his own grave if he wants to, people have short memories and if the economy crashes, nobody is going to remember the Freedom Convoy or Justin Trudeau’s response to it, this will be ancient history. I remind the reader it’s only February, Trudeau’s 3rd term only began in 2021, and he’s running record deficits during an era, in which inflation is running rampant and the Bank of Canada might be forced to charge the Federal Government higher interest payments.

Making matters worse are Trudeau’s unnecessary regulations on the economy. People have short memories and from a basic economics standpoint, Justin Trudeau should be prepared for the consequences of his reckless spending and arrogant approach to governing.

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Interesting times ahead!