Justin Trudeau’s Policies Are Creating a lot of Divorces in Canada: Lawyer ‘flooded’ with calls from Canadian couples on ‘Divorce Day’ – January 14, 2022,

If when you and your significant tied the knot, you both had jobs, chances are that you never had to deal with seeing each other docile because Justin Trudeau decided to pay people to stay at home. One of the reasons I and my significant other REFUSED the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) even though we both qualified, was because we’re both aware of what happens when you sign a deal with the devil.

I come from a working-class family, and yes some of my family members are DIE HARD Liberal supporters, but Welfare is evil, paying people not to work equates to a plethora of mental health problems, what’s your purpose on this earth? I sit here and collect government paychecks while everyone else does the heavy lifting? No! That’s wrong, even Karl Marx was for the WORKING class.

When you’re not working you become useless, a lot of people refuse to retire, because soon after people stop becoming productive people lose their purpose in life. So, can you imagine a wife or husband seeing their partner for over a year doing NOTHING? Totally unsexy if you ask me. A lot of these modern couples are also not having children, which doesn’t make much sense to me, but even if you’re a parent, who CHOSE not to work, imagine how you look to your children?

Now, in my argument I’m not including peoples with disabilities that prevent them from working, I’m only talking about you lazy people who can work but REFUSE to work because the government is giving you free money. I comprehend that Chrisitan morals have been exchanged for Atheistic philosophies by a lot of people, but we all have to pay our fair share to society.

Yes, sure life isn’t fair and it’s not fair that some people were BORN rich, but that shouldn’t stop you from contributing to society, I even know people who can’t find a job that volunteer. One of the great things about being a Christian is that you can volunteer for your church, if you’re an atheist, it might be more challenging to volunteer, because volunteering for some jobs is like applying for a job, but I personally think you should never allow yourself to get LAZY.

We’re all put on this planet to CONTRIBUTE to society, I get it, that leftists push this victimhood narrative on society, but you have to know how you FEEL when you’re unproductive. It’s often an embarrassment to see a young obese person who has no job? You can see it in their faces, and in their demeanor, they feel worthless and insecure. This is why people like me HATE the minimum wage law, who cares if they’re not being paid well, I’d rather a low-wage earner also qualify for welfare rather than a 100% unproductive person qualify for welfare.

I’m against welfare altogether, but if you hold a gun to my head, I’d pick the low-wage earner also getting welfare rather than some lowlife who contributes NOTHING to the Canadian economy qualifying for welfare. To buy votes, Justin Trudeau rewarded people for not working, now I can write about Fiat money, but I’ll save that for another post. Consider reading the post below, and consider why it’s happening.

Lawyer ‘flooded’ with calls from Canadian couples on ‘Divorce Day’ | globalnews.ca

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