The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Justin Trudeau’s reckless spending is destroying Canada’s Working Class: premiums for the Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance premiums will be hiked higher than usual – December 31, 2021,

I’ve been writing about ending welfare for a long time now, one of my arguments regarding welfare is that a minimum wage law is supposed to be a symbol that there are so many low-skilled jobs available that the government can create its own wage? If forced to finance people on welfare, I’d much rather finance a person low-skilled worker who actually contributes something to the Canadian economy rather than finance people who don’t contribute ANYTHING to the Canadian economy.

Now, why am I bringing up welfare when the topic is the Canadian Pension Plan and the Employment insurance premiums? It’s because people on welfare aren’t contributing ANYTHING to this? this is the problem with big government, the working class gets stuck paying all the bills while the people on welfare can vote to keep this monstrosity going.

In years past and I suspect in the very near future, there will be more calls to end all the government waste because working-class Canadians are having to pay for Justin Trudeaus’ corruption and welfare spending. working-class Canadians are having to pay inflated costs because the Federal government continues to increase its deficits and I have to ask the question, where’s the benefit for Canada’s working class?

Canada’s private sector that doesn’t take money from Ottawa is getting hurt the worst by all of this. Both corporate and personal welfare fraudsters aren’t paying their fair share. There are lots of Canadians who’ve never worked in Canada who are able to retire comfortably? This is set to explode in the years ahead and the private sector isn’t exactly growing in this country meaning that public sector deficits are guaranteed to rise.

Making matters worse is Justin Trudeau’s attack on fossil fuels, those high-paying jobs are disappearing and currently, these tech jobs many of which take at least 2 years of study and an additional 2 years of work experience aren’t exactly panning out as the left-wingers hoped. Meanwhile, working-class Canadians in the private sector are now being asked to pay more? I find this absolutely disgusting and a day of reckoning is coming! To all of you government welfare-loving tax cheats it’s about time you start paying your fair share! I also hope that Canadians finally start to consider shrinking the size of government because nothing the Trudeau government is doing is yielding positive results.

Higher consumer prices are making the WORKING CLASSES, especially those in the private sector poorer. There is a cost to go to work, higher fuel costs, higher energy costs, in general, is theft to the wages of Canada’s working class, now these same working-class people are going to get hit with a bill to finance people who do not work? This isn’t fair!

A new year and new hike to CPP premiums— the largest in three decades — to hit Canadians |

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