The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Justin Trudeau’s Socialism Rewards Being on Welfare: Centrist Conservative Erin O’Toole Will Send Low Wage Earners Free Money Government Borrows From The BoC – September 6, 2021

What was once a wealth tax is now a tax wage earners pay, people forget that taxes initially were only for the rich, but it turns out the rich don’t have enough money to finance government spending which is why if you’re a wage earner, the government makes you pay the bulk of taxes.

The government pretends it creates wealth when in fact all does is CONSUME wealth, humans do not need the government to ORGANIZE anything, we need government primarily for MAINTENANCE purposes, you know to protect our liberties and freedoms, somehow protecting our liberties and freedoms now includes making sure the government workforce has UNIONIZED labor?

Now, that the government(which also includes Crown Corporations) has more labor unions representing it than the private sector has, there are all sorts of dumb ideas that end up creating more dumb ideas. So one o the easiest ways for the Government to help grow the economy is to get the hell out of the way of the Private sector, but that’s unlikely because most Canadians are brainwashed and dependent on the government, so instead, the better replacement is what Milton Friedman talked about, which was a UBI to replace all the other government services.

In the modern era what most Canadians want is a UBI, in addition to a Minimum wage, excessive regulations on private businesses, universal health care, free water, free electricity, paved roads, and all other welfare programs that Canadians already enjoy and ignore because they now feel entitled to it.

The Milton Friedman UBI was to replace all the other government welfare programs that also have HIGHLY paid government employees with 1 check. With the plan, Erin O’Toole purposes he’s going to pay low wage earners with a check to make up for the financial shortfall created but various levels of government in Canada.

What are my thoughts? It’s better than what Justin Trudeau offered, but it’s going to leave the door wide open for a Leftist politician in the future to alter it. The Conservatives are not interested in telling Canadians who the real wealth generators are and this is why if a Canadian opts not to do their own independent research they’ll assume our bankrupt government is flush with cash.

I’ve for a long time stated that the government would be better off ABOLISHING the minimum wage and send low-wage earners a check, for their financial shortfall. But in order for this to be efficient, the government would have to get rid of unnecessary FINANCIAL regulations on productive industries, because low-wage earners if they had more money could easily become job creators themselves.

Excessive Government regulations prevent Canadians from becoming job creators or becoming self-employed. One of the DUMBEST problems Canada has is daycares, most parents would rather hire a babysitter, now why don’t more Canadian parents hire a babysitter? GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS which artificially drive up the cost of being a legal babysitter.

Had it not been for the government, there could have easily been an UBER for Babysitters, Uber rates drivers, I Canadian parents rated babysitters we’d be able to keep the pieces of shit out of babysitting, and furthermore, babysitters could set their own prices.

Because of the stupid labor union culture in this country, there are price distortions everywhere. If a wage is too low for you, do not take the job, but do not complain when you do not qualify for a Provincial WELFARE CHECK! I’d much rather low wage Earners qualify for Welfare than someone who gets welfare for doing absolutely nothing! At the very least we’d have a vibrant economy!

But you see Centrist Conservative Erin O’Toole is merely trying to appeal to all Canadians, his plan sounds stupid, but Justin Trudeau doesn’t even have a plan, Unless you’re rich I don’t see why anyone would vote for Justin Trudeau, if you’re rich Justin Trudeau is promising you corporate welfare, cheap labor via his open borders policies low-interest loans.

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Erin O’Toole is merely the more business-friendly version of Justin Trudeau, who at the very least decided to throw working-class Canadians a bone. I’ve been outside, I live in Toronto, the feeling in the air is people hate Trudeau, he’s not popular at all, he’s wasn’t even popular in 2019, but does that mean Trudeau can’t win? Trudeau has a chance, but if he won a majority, I’d be shocked.

People at the grocery store are openly saying Trudeau must go and don’t assume these people are Right Wingers, many of them are independents and NDP people, the energy in Toronto is unlike anything I’ve ever felt, it feels similar to when Harper beat Paul Martin, but a lot more anger, there’s no middle ground, Liberal voters are quiet and everyone else is angry. I don’t think Justin Trudeau or the Liberal Party will like what this country looks like in a few years if Trudeau wins this election

On the flipside, Erin O’Toole isn’t exactly liked, I expect him to win the 2021 election and when he wins is when most Canadians including those who voted for him will be introduced to him. a lot of Canadian voters will be going to the ballot box simply to get rid of Justin Trudeau! Some of the people I speak with do not follow politics, they vote blue or red based on their gut feeling, and the feeling most people have is they hate Trudeau, he’s not popular, he wasn’t even popular in 2019, but the name “Trudeau” is still a powerful name in Canada and if Justin Trudeau loses, that name is forever tarnished!

If Justin Trudeau losses or doesn’t get a majority government when history looks back at 2021, it will be labeled the dumbest snap election in Canadian history. It will also leave a very sour taste in the mouths of people who saw no benefit to Trudeau’s tenure as Prime Minister.

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Interesting times ahead!