Justin Trudeau’s Taxpayer-funded Bailout of the Mainstream Media paying dividends: Almost every Canadian media outlet trying to frame “Freedom Convoy” Negatively – January 27, 2022,

As you know, in an effort to generate revenue, the news feed on your feed will be bombarded with news the tech oligarchs imagine you want to read. Because I’ve been following the Freedom Convoy, my feed has a lot of information pertaining to it. Well, almost every single article is negative, it’s unbelievable and Tamara Lich has been straightforward that violence will not be tolerated. I get it that for people on the far left they’d like to imagine Conservatives as these violent people, but most of us simply want to be left alone.

The Trudeau government decided to pick a fight with truckers, not the other way around. Isreal is now on its fourth vaccine? How effective are these vaccines? and when does government overreach end? They did a poll a while back and more than 25%+ of the people taking the poll were open to imprisoning their fellow Canadians if they refused to be vaccinated? Think about that.

More than one in four Canadians support jail time for the unvaccinated, poll finds | nationalpost.com

If the tyrannical government has been this effective at marketing, who’s to say their next step wouldn’t be to start pushing mass extermination?

These people over here aren’t obeying government orders and your government is considering more aggressive measures to stop the spread of covid that might lead to the death of people who don’t obey. Your government will do everything in its power to prevent mass casualties of death but in the event, we’re unsuccessful in coercing these anti-vaxxers into capitulating are you okay with your government taking decisive action to stop the spread?

This is how tyranny and government overreach work. Do you think Hitler or Stalin promoted themselves as tyrannical figures? of course not, during those periods in history, tyrannical leaders presented themselves as problem solvers, in Germany and Italy there were inflation problems, in Russia, there were poverty problems.

Ottawa police prepare as convoy protesting vaccine mandate heads to nation’s capital | cbc

The tyrannical leaders of those eras were promising a newer better world for everyone and that socialist propaganda worked, to this very day, you still have National and Democratic socialists pushing their agendas effectively. You have people in Canada who are okay with the idea of a tyrannical government that’s above the laws they create for you and me. The problem is so bad that Canadian media, feels the need not to do journalism, but instead to cater to Big Tech and the needs of the Federal government.

Now, if you imagine yourself a beneficiary of Justin Trudeau’s good graces, you’ll argue to yourself, what’s the big deal? Get the vax, let’s get back to normal, you might even turn a blind eye to overt tyranny because after all you want your life back right? and you’ve opted to give up your rights to the State and things are okay for you, so why can’t everyone else do the same as you’ve done? Individualism is overrated you’ll convince yourself, the greater collective good under the control of a tyrannical government is better.

I shouldn’t have to write these posts, PROFESSIONAL writers with larger audiences should be writing posts like this, educating Canadians about their rights, liberties, and freedoms and why we should cherish them. People like me get stuck with doing these tasks because people like me know where this all leads. We care about the future of our children and we all must volunteer and do our part to push back against tyranny.

Tamara Lich has done her part and I hope you will consider supporting the Freedom Convoy, please remember that fighting for freedom is never perfect, it’s not the romantic story you might imagine, mistakes and errors are made along the way, and tyrannical people aren’t stupid, and their lust for power is much greater than you might understand. People addicted to the spotlight will do and say any and everything to maintain and raise their political profile.

Do not underestimate tyrannical people!

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Interesting times ahead!