The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Justin Trudeau’s Unnecessary regulations on the Canadian economy leading to WORKER shortages: Canadian Workers calling in sick in record numbers amid Omicron wave – February 4, 2022,

In order to understand why so many people are calling in sick because of Omicron is to understand how IMMORAL The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) was. Making matters worse were the government debt deferrals, currently, the housing market in Canada is booming, why? Because it appears that it’s illegal for Canada’s housing market to crash.

Trudeau not only bailed out debtors with borrowed cash during the pandemic, but he also rewarded some people for NOT working. Raining day fund? what rainy day fund, the government is the new rainy day fund and because the government is the new rainy day fund, I’m not feeling so well today and I’ve made enough money to survive so, I’m calling in sick and if you have a problem with me calling in sick, I can sue you, because we’re in a pandemic.

Most Canadians haven’t had to make any real sacrifices during the pandemic, which is why there are Canadians that like the lockdowns, ending the pandemic means going back to work, furthermore, if Canada didn’t have such an immoral economic system, people living beyond their means and people on welfare would be asked to contribute more to the Canadian economy.

You have to remember that there have been people who have been contributing to the Canadian economy throughout the pandemic and these people are losing money while people who contribute nothing to the Canadian economy have been padding their savings accounts. Because remember there’s a cost to going to work, and if you’re a CERB recipient, you avoided the cost of going to work.

Well, now that people are being asked to return to work, they’re finding every excuse available not to show up. I personally don’t see this workers shortage problem ending until these tyrannical government mandates are lifted from the economy. The thing to remember is that shortages under a fiat monetary standard lead to consumer price inflation, which puts the Bank of Canada in a tough position as the numbers will show that the economy is growing.

Of course, consumer price inflation leads to economic deflation because more money is being used to purchase fewer goods and services, but stopping inflation requires not only raising interest rates, it also requires austerity measures. Shortages are typically the result of government interference in the economy. Will Ottawa back down from its tyrannical mandates? I don’t know, but eventually, they’ll figure out that with every passing day, they’re destroying the Canadian economy.

Workers calling in sick in record numbers amid Omicron wave |

Interesting times ahead!