What Is a JV Partner?

A JV partner or a Joint Venture partner is something internet marketers use to basically make more money, you help me and I’ll help you. I’ll be your affiliate for your product launch and you help me with my product launch. Typically super affiliates or affiliates with huge mailing lists join together and help each other sell products. For those of you in the make money online niche and see lots of web pages where people claim to be making thousands of dollars from click bank overnight this is typically caused from them having or being a part of a joint venture group.

What you don’t see however is the return rates. The goal is mainly to build ones list and make more sales. The larger your double opt in mailing list is the better your chances for re-occurring sales.

The Key to a good JV Partnership

The key to a good JV partnership is working with people that can help your business expand into different areas. Example of what I mean is you don’t want to have a bunch of JV partners that do exactly the same thing you do. Example if you sell Chevy cars online you don’t want to work with a bunch of people who sell Chevy cars online, You might however want to work with a JV partner that sells Chevy engines or different Chevy car parts. This way you can help your customers with whatever they might need. That being said it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be a JV partner with other people who sell Chevy cars but the point I’m trying to make here is you want to expand and always have an answer for your potential customers.

Do I need a Joint Venture Partnership?

I highly recommend finding a JV Partner two heads work better than one, the key however is to build your list, if you really want residual wealth online you need to build your list. If you’re looking for the best mailing list managers consider using the link below

Best Mailing List Managers listed by type