Karen’s Home Income Blog Review – Is it a scam?

Karen’s Home Income Blog is a website that promises to teach you how to make money online whenever or wherever you are. It also claims to have a system that allows you to earn an any amount that you want. This blog is created to outline Karen James’ journey in finding online work. Karen James is the person behind this blog.

More about Karen’s Home Income Blog

According to Karen James, finding an online job didn’t come easy. One of the problems she was able to cite was information overload. She said that there’s too much information in finding jobs online and that she created this blog to help anyone who wanted to work online with more ease.

As you continue browsing Karen’s Home Income Blog, you will find out that it’s not actually a personal blog but rather, an advertisement  blog. An advertisement blog, in contrast to a personal blog, is solely created to promote a company, product or service. In this case, the blog is promoting the Home Income Kit, a website offering a money-making opportunity.

Final thoughts on Karen’s Home Income Blog

Karen’s Home Income Blog earns through affiliate marketing. It earns a commission each time someone enters their email address and name in the blog for more updates. Those who provide their contact details will be redirected to Home Income Kit’s website. Thus, it’s worth to be critical with being selective with websites to which you provide your personal data with.

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