Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews offered by Iman Shafiei is not a scam, but I wouldn’t exactly call them legit, nor am I willing to endorse them. But my final decision came as the result that as of today’s date they do honor their 60-day money-back guarantee and their online Facebook community is live.

So, there are a few problems with the Keystone Investor Club and Keystone Newsletter which put into question whether they’re worthy of consideration, first are their testimonial claims, which are hard to verify as of today’s date, secondly, the entire concept of the “Keystone Investor” presentation currently found at feeds into the notion that crypto-currencies are a pyramid scheme(get in early) because one thing is for sure, is definitely attracting a lot of new members who as their membership grows will have the ability to pump and dump a crypto stock.

Because cryptos are backed by basically nothing but software and the hope that there is enough incentive to grow a particular crypto network, this is really feeding into the idea some have argued makes cryptocurrencies a pyramid scheme. Now, this doesn’t mean Keystone Investor Club can’t make you a lot of money, they’ve called a few things, correctly, but from what I’ve learned they’ve also missed the mark a few times.

Because I subscribe to some investment clubs myself, I know that not every stock pick is going to pan out, my issue with Keystone Investor Club and why I can’t recommend it is the demographic they appear to be pitching their offers to and how those offers may sound to a novice investor, who doesn’t understand the risk involved in cryptocurrencies.

Crypto-currencies can see prices drop like a stone overnight, for any reason, wiping out any gains you make, and cryptos unlike traditional stocks trade 24/7/365 the price of bitcoin as an example can drop on a Sunday night without warning and this is what a lot of novice investors don’t understand, your profits aren’t made until you take the money out, who cares if the stock went up if you wait until the stock crashes before you withdraw your winnings.

This is one of the reasons why some of us want to see proof of the Keystone Investor Club claims. The crypto community is often loyal to a particular crypto-coin meaning they’re not going to sell, well if you’re not going to sell, the price appreciation means nothing and in fact, you might sell when it’s too late.

As of today’s date, Bitcoin is selling at around $40K, well just a few weeks ago it was selling at $65K, now for the people who bought in at around $50K as of today’s date they’ve lost a whole lot of money and I know a lot of crypto traders or investors BORROW MONEY to invest and there’s a monthly cost to borrowing money and there are no guarantees in any investment, so for those of you who have to borrow money to invest, I highly recommend that you research the reviews of the claims Keystone Investor Club is making.

My issue with Keystone Investor Club is that I can’t verify their 3000+ reviews with anything tangible, they got the people wearing the shirts, which are given once you sign up and they have claims of people making money, but there’s little to no evidence of real money being made. With that said, they have a 60-day money-back guarantee and this is where I give credit where it is due.

I have been able to verify that they honor their refund requests when pressure is applied and they have a phone at 1 (800) 742 8186.

The Keystone Investors Club membership price is currently $997, they also have the option to make three payments of $366 each split within a year. Now, this is for their silver membership, I should also point out that Keystone Investor Club also has a Gold membership.

The Keystone Investors Club silver membership offers Keystone 101, Silver Platter Reports, Online e-learning platform, Access to Keystone Facebook Community, and Weekly Live “Talk-to-Us” Q&A Calls. There’s also might be an ebook offer depending on when you sign up.

Keystone Investors Club can be an educational experience as a lot of the members have claimed they’ve learned a lot and enjoy the one-on-one attention. I point this out to be fair and I don’t want this review to come across as some sort of endorsement for Keystone Investors Club because it’s not.

There’s a risk to joining and there’s a risk to investing in crypto as long as you’re ok with the risks and you’re not spending money you can’t afford to lose on Keystone Investors Club I’d say if you’re interested do what’s in your best interests. I will not be recommending Keystone Investors Club at this time any questions you have regarding Keystone Investors Club should be directed to their staff directly their email is info[at] and their phone number is as of today’s date is 1 (800) 742 8186.

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