Review – Is it a scam?

Key to Cash, which you can check out, is a website that promotes a cash gifting opportunity. This is a money-making opportunity that has been practiced both online and offline. Cash gifting is also popularly known as pyramid scheme.

More about Key to Cash

According to the people behind Key to Cash, anyone could earn a lucrative income even with just a small amount of investment and a little effort. As long as you are willing to invest $25, Key to Cash claims that you can start earning money simply by recruiting people to this opportunity. However, unlike other network marketing opportunities, this program doesn’t give out a specific product. It’s like giving cash for nothing.

Your $25 will be divided by those people who are on top of you including the one who referred you. Each of these people will receive $5. Thus, when you recruit people in the program, you will also be receiving $5 even from those people referred by those people whom you referred in the program.

Final thoughts on

Basically, the idea behind is a scam. It’s not the usual network marketing as no product or service is being offered in return with the cash. Thus, it would be better to look for other opportunities to earn online rather than settle for this one.

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