Kooday.com Scam

Whoa! well it’s about time someone take a shot at the search engine industry. It’s been quiet since google’s basically forced all the little search engines to submit(jokes). Reading up on Kooday.com and even becoming a member has forced me to take a step back and say i have to wait around and see if this turns out to be a scam or even a big hit.

Here’s the deal once you own your own search engine the possibilities are endless. I’ve made blog post about facebook and i’ve said Facebook is not going to replace google because as we all know social media is controlled mainly by the younger generation, kids are smart and change there minds quickly, search engines on the other hand is just one of those things people NEED. I compare search engines online to transportation in the real world search engines are that important.

What I don’t like about Kooday

This is a personal issue i have, I’ve been making money online going on 10 years now, I’ve seen them all crash, so i like to weigh the pro’s and cons the only con i see with Koodoo.com at the moment is “Owning Keywords” everything else sounds fine yes even the “residual income” search engines can afford to pay residuals when they have consistent advertisers it’s also an area which can be adjusted if need be. Now back on this topic of ‘Owning Keywords’. Now for me even as an advertiser I would NOT like this idea long term.

One of the main reasons google rose to dominance is because of Internet Marketing Guru’s. Even if you do a review on Money making scams on the internet what is number one name internet guru’s mention? It’s Google. Why? because Google gave everyone a fair shot at creating wealth online. Google disabled anyone from “OWNING KEYWORDS”. What this means is over night blogs like this one you are reading right now can become extinct. Scary thought huh? that depends on how you look at it…

I’ll put it to you like this I am at the top of google today for a popular search term i am making all this money but a guy name Joe comes along he is new and he works hard at SEO and he works hard on his blog or website everyday to get the keyword term that i dominate. Doesn’t joe deserve a shot at number one? Or do you think i should own the keyword search term forever just because I found it first???. I personally don’t believe anyone should be able to own keywords none the less that is only my opinion.

Kooday.com Profit Share Plan

This in itself to me is pretty interesting, it’s a good feature all i can say really is i have to wait and see. My frame of mind approaching kooday.com is a lot of what i’m seeing is good promotion i have to see how this ends up. One thing i will say is Kooday is being really creative.

Kooday Membership

Yes I am a member of Koodoo.com i’m all for honest new internet businesses trying to make a name for themselves. kooday.com has a very catchy name and the possibilities are endless when you own your own search engine. I still see yahoo possibly dropping out of the top search engines in the next 10 years or so. bing looks promising as Microsoft has been desperately trying to get some kind of hold into this industry.

I see a new search engine face emerging in the near future i’m not sure if it will be Kooday but i see something new. Google is what we call in north America the Wal Mart of search engines so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon (unless it does something stupid) Kooday is free to join and you can make money.

Kooday.com Review

Well they are currently paying so if your planning on joining now would be a good time. i update this blog frequently so if things change i will let you know.

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