The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Kudos To All Patriots in the Ottawa Police Department, DECENTRALIZED Organized Labor Works: Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair Refuses to Blame Justin Trudeau For ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protests – February 13, 2022,

Bill Blair and I were born and raised in Toronto, Bill Blair is the former Chief of the Toronto Police Service and spent most of his life working as a public servant, what I’m writing here has absolutely nothing to do with bashing Bill Blair’s position, I’m certain he’s living out his dream and I’ve met some people who worked in law enforcement, who behave like brain dead soldiers loyal to the crown.

Bill Blair is less about morals and more about doing his job, that’s how Bill Blair became the Emergency Preparedness Minister. Unfortunately for Bill Blair in his career, he’s never had to deal with a tyrannical leader like Justin Trudeau. Currently, Bill Blair is about 67 years old, he would have been a very young man when Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister and even Pierre wasn’t as tyrannical as Justin Trudeau is

You have to understand that Justin Trudeau has REFUSED to meet with the PEACEFUL protestors. Justin Trudeau feels more comfortable hurling insults from far away and this is what I imagine is killing the morale for the Ottawa Police department. In Western provinces like Alberta, the RCMP is merged with the Municipal police department, which as I’ve written about in prior posts, explains why pastor Artur Pawlowski continues to get arrested.

The Nazi Police if people remember were a FEDERAL police force, you’ll often hear Artur Pawlowski referring to Calgary police as Gestapo or Nazis, the Nazis
using propaganda silenced decent by FORCE. It’s hard for municipal trained police to do the bidding of the Federal government, that’s not what they’re trained for. But for Bill Blair, he doesn’t seem to comprehend that Munciple police don’t see any reason to INITIATE force, you have to remember these police officers have to look themselves in the mirror at night.

Sure some police officers view the world in the manner as Bill Blair, but it’s not the norm, in general, what will happen is that some tyrannical cops or some outside cops are going to have to lead the charge, which ultimately equates to the police INSTIGATING violence. Bill Blair is currently in his safe space, he doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting, but I’m sure in his mind, if he could be out there beating up and arresting law-abiding peaceful protestors he’d do it.


If I’m, to be honest, I have no idea, what the future holds for this protest, but I do appreciate the good women and men in law enforcement. It’s time Justin Trudeau grows a pair and talks to the protestors. It should be easier for Trudeau to talk to protestors, instead of having Bill Blair destroying what little credibility he has left. Grow up Justin, the peaceful protestors aren’t going to hurt you, they only want their freedoms back.

Lack of enforcement in Ottawa ‘inexplicable’: Blair |

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