Labor Day Myth: Without Labor, Unions Humans Would Still Be Working Extremely long hours – In a Free Society Were humans ever FORCED to work long hours? – September 5, 2022,

The whole point of ending SLAVERY was to allow CAPITALISM to flourish; now, if you want to have a serious conversation about White Supremacy, it all dates back to the Labor union movement. People tend to forget that Hitler called his version of fascism NATIONAL SOCIALISM, and the actual name of Hitler’s Political Party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Emphasis on the WORKERS aspect of the party, because most capitalists have NEVER been racists; it’s anti-productive to be racist; the person who DOES NOT look like you might be your best partner or best employee.

In 2022, most White capitalists PREFER doing business with ASIANS, not only because of cheaper labor but because of FEWER complaints. In COMMUNIST China, for example, it’s illegal for people to go on strike or form a labor union. Labor unions make people LESS productive, and the white supremacist, many of whom formed labor unions, wanted to FORCE mostly white Capitalists to adhere to their substandard work ethic.

Prior to the labor unions, Black, Brown, and Asian peoples were wiping the floor with the working white male working class in the United States; after slavery, a capitalist could get more for less from a non-white employee; now, sure, you could argue based on your CURRENT standard of living that this was exploitation, but if you’ve paid any attention to Japan or China, you might have noticed, that since these countries allowed capitalism in, the standard of living for HUNDREDS of millions of Japanese and Chinese people have improved tremendously.

Now, obviously, things could be better, I’m not going to pretend that BIG GOVERNMENT hasn’t been a hindrance to the progression of the Chinese or Japanese people, but INNOVATIONS tend to lead to shorter work hours. It was actually the labor unions that disrupted the ECONOMIC ascension of the Black American populations. Labor unions using minimum wage laws and other BARRIERS to entry made black and Asian labor less valuable in the United States.

Unlike Asians, Black Americans were brought to the United States in chains and were stripped of any culture or history they had prior, so a Black American only knows of American culture, whereas Chinese or a Japanese person can pinpoint EXACTLY where their people come from and point to the ECONOMIC achievements of their culture, and even trade DIRECTLY with former country, sure you can see differences between an Asian born in American vs. an Asian born in say China, Japan, or South Korea, but I’ve known plenty of Asians that after learning a trade or skill taking that skill back to china or Japan and setting up a business that connects China, Japan or South Korea, with America, Canada, Australia or the U.K.

You don’t see this amongst Black Americans because most have no idea what part of Africa their ancestors are from. It’s fair to say once you’ve been in slavery for 400+ years as a Black person that, you’re a red-blooded American and nothing else.

I bring this up only to point out the differences in economic progression between Asians and Black people in the United States, which I’d argue is a nation HOPEFULLY on its final stages of phasing out racism. When you’re talking about employees apparently having to work extra long hours without labor unions, this is B.S because the whole purpose of the labor union was to keep CHEAP LABOR out of the labor market.

Even in the modern era, right now in 2022, you’ll still hear people when they talk about foreign labor mentioning that foreign labor will DRIVE DOWN WAGES! That’s a labor union, white supremacy gibberish talking point; what right does anyone have to tell an employer how much wages he can pay? If a job creator is offering a ridiculously low wage, guess what? NOBODY will show up for work, or if they do, they’ll do so sporadically.

This is how it’s always been FREE SOCIETY; good luck getting any American in 2022 to work on your farm for upper-middle-class wages. People do jobs for their own reasons. In fact, if you ask some men or even some women, they’ll tell you they like to work to stay busy, now, you might not like to hear those words because you think you know what’s best for everyone else, but people as an example do VOLUNTEER work all the time, I know some men, that go to work to avoid spending time with the wife.

Labor unions DESTROYED all of this; not only did labor unions destroy people’s RIGHT TO WORK, but they also created an environment in which low-income YOUTH have a harder time finding MENTORS in corporate establishments. It was not uncommon prior to the labor union movement for young people to be groomed to take over a business.

You’ll notice that the children of a lot of wealthy people either don’t have the desire or the skill to take over the family business, so what would often happen is that a business owner would groom individuals to take over their businesses, but ofcourse you’d be an idiot business owner to do this, in the modern economy.

If or when people are groomed to take over a business in the modern era, it’s done so with extreme caution because during the training process, if, let’s say, there’s some sort of complaint levied against the employer for anything, the employer could be held FINANCIALLY liable for all sorts of unforeseen damages.

Prior to the labor unions, it’s not to say people didn’t sue, but the laws were different; if I’m training you to take over my company in the modern era, and you sue me, the judge could find that I was not paying you enough, or I was working you too hard based on the modern regulatory environment. I bring this up because this is why as an example, you don’t see Black or Brown children getting mentored and ending up with a lot of free time on their hands to commit crimes.

You have to also remember that there were more black-owned businesses PRIOR to the labor union movement and more private contractors. Prior to the labor union movement, it was easy to stumble into starting your own business; a lot of black people, after being freed from slavery, had a lot of skills, and many had more skills than their white contemporaries because, after all as a slave or a descendant of slaves, their prior masters had them working everyday majority of the year, the women as an example were often the tending to the house, cooking, cleaning, etc., which is why it wasn’t uncommon to find a lot of black FEMALE business owners in the history of the United States.

When Lincoln freed the slaves, a lot of white people were saying Lincoln will make white men slaves, people were making these claims because it was EVIDENT that the white working class could not compete with Black, Asian and Brown working classes on a level playing field. Now is that true today? I don’t know, but back then, it would have been OBVIOUS. One of the main reasons Jews are often hated all over the world is because no matter where you put them, they seem to find a way to the top of the economic food chain.

In a market economy, the ability to drive down wages gave Black People an economic advantage over the white populations, many of whom never had to live in slavery-like conditions, what may have been considered a low wage for a white person was a decent wage for a black person, and as is the case with a MARKET economy, a black employee depending on their type of employment could quickly find themselves self-employed once they have the skills necessary to rid themselves of their employer.

As an example, if, let’s say, I’m a mechanic, I fix cars for a living; once I understand how to fix cars, and I’ve collected the tools necessary to do my job, do I need an employer anymore? The answer is NO! Now, as a self-employed person, with my own auto shop, I can even charge the white customer a cheaper price because I can also hire cheaper black labour. Now you might not like me saying this, but this is how the Chinese, as an example, became so economically dominant in the year 2022.

When the RACIST labor union started, these low-skilled white people weren’t dumb; they knew the Asians and the Blacks posed a serious threat to their economic well-being. So they fought to create WAGE controls, now when most people think of wage controls, they only think about the employee; they tend to forget about the EMPLOYER because wage controls became a SERIOUS problem for black entrepreneurs, who now would have to pay black youth the same pay as the white youth, and chances are especially during that era, white employers would have access to more resources, bank loans etc,.

Now, if you’re a black youth, given the two options, you’d more than likely want to work for a white employer, and this is how this one law disrupted the Free market in ways most people can’t even imagine. I could point out more examples, but this is a blog post; I’m not writing a book here. Now ofcourse, the nail in the coffin came with the fiat monetary system because now, you have to understand monetary history to even formulate a comprehension of the modern economy.

But in the end, most of capitalism’s problems stem from labor unions and their push for PRICE/WAGE controls; we don’t know if humans would still be working longer hours now because a lot of innovations that probably would have been invented were never invented. A lot of productivity has been STUNTED in western nations because of labor unions, a lot of human potential STOPPED because of labor unions, and a lot of children were NEVER properly educated at public schools because of labor unions.

In the Canadian province in which I live, every chance the PROFIT DRIVEN unionized public school teachers get, they go on strike. They do so with no fear of being fired, now I like to argue that labor unions should be reserved for the private sector, but because public school education is so bad, the average person in the western world doesn’t know the ECONOMIC differences between public and private sectors, so for me to explain to people why Public sector workers shouldn’t be allowed to strike, would be a topic all on its own.

The public school teachers get to teach their students in a way that does not threaten the public school teachers’ salary or position in society. This is what the labor union brought to the Western world. Labor unions added force to what was supposed to be a VOLUNTEERISTIC society, and because of labor unions, we have all sorts of economic distortions in the economy today; I can’t blame any common person for having no idea what’s going on in the economy because labor unions benefit financially by keeping things the way they are

In closing, Labor unions are rooted in collection, hatred, racism, and using the Force of the State. I think people who believe in a collectivist standard of living should be relegated to their own society and leave the rest of us out of it. Labor unions should get ZERO credit for labor day as, to me, giving Labor unions any credit for labour day is like celebrating Hitler and the Nazis!

Interesting times ahead!