Joe Biden checks his watch during ceremony for Marines he helped Terrorist kill

Joe Biden checks his watch during ceremony for Marines he helped Terrorist kill

Labor Unions Control Joe Biden and Progressive Democrats, One size fits all Will Destroy The U.S economy: The U.S Supply chain crisis, U.S auto-manufacturing, Joe Biden and Joe Manchin – November 12, 2021,

The Republican Party will want to think long and hard about allowing Donald Trump to run for President in 2024 because he’s one of the major contributors to labor unions finding themselves in these interesting positions of power. I’ve stated in prior posts that if you took away Donald Trumps’ rhetoric, he sounds like a moderate Democrat. Tariffs as an example is a Democrat position, I must also admit that based on the structure of the modern world, I’m not closed-minded regarding tariffs either.

With that said, Donald Trump opened pandora’s box when he negotiated with labor unions and now that the Democrats are in power, they’re doing everything in their power to make sure they get that Labor Union vote in 2024. Enter Joe Manchin who can see the disaster this will cause, now you see under Donald Trump, he knew enough not to allow labor unions to be in control of a person’s right to work, which is a real concern.

There are 28 U.S states that have ‘Right-to-Work’ laws, these States include Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. and get this West Virginia‘ Right-to-Work’ legislation is still pending, meaning U.S Senator born and bred and representing West Virginia Joe Manchin has a lot to lose if he goes along with this corruption.

During the 2020 election West Virginia gave Donald Trump 68.62% of its vote, West Virginia was Donald Trump’s 2nd strongest state, only behind Wyoming. So I hope you understand why Joe Manchin holds the positions he has. Unless the Democrats plan on stealing the 2024 election, there will be hell to pay if they’re not careful with the U.S economy.

As we saw recently, Virginia voted for a Republican, if the Democrats lose Virginia in 2024 and they lose other swing States, it could be a massacre of epic proportions. Joe Biden is no Barack Obama, it’s only his first year and he’s polling far lower than Donald Trump was at this point in 2017. I remind you that a large chunk of Americans really hated Donald Trump in 2017 and Joe Biden is polling LOWER than Donald Trump in his first year? What should that tell you? It should tell you that any Republica candidate will beat the Democrat Candidate in 2024, actually, the massacre might begin in 2022.

13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing many more wounded because of Joe Biden

13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing many more wounded because of Joe Biden

Now, of course, Joe Manchin looks like the bad guy right now, but Democrats better hope he doesn’t go along with this pending legislation that allows the labour unions in the auto sector to do to U.S auto manufacturing what they did to California’s Gig economy. I’ve written about Canada potentially doing far better than America with supply chains because Canadians aren’t as entrepreneurial as Americans are.

What’s that you say when I get my trucker’s license I can be my own boss and work on my own schedule-sign up says the average American not so in Canada, Canadians tend to prefer the security of working for a large corporation, this is what Joe Biden and Progressive Democrats doesn’t understand, America is NOT one size fits all, Americans are a complicated bunch, some Americans might like the Democrats push for social justice but hate their economic policies.

Now, as long as the U.S government isn’t interfering in their personal lives, and destroying the economy, most Americans are willing to put up with the nonsense, even moderate Democrats were willing to put up with Donald Trump as long as he didn’t ruin the economy or start wars. Joe Biden is ruining the U.S economy, and he’s doing it at a rapid pace.

If you look at Joe Manchin and his voting history, he votes like a Democrat, but if he’s pushing back against spending and regulations, there’s a reason for it. He lives in a Red State, even if you disagree with Conservatives and their long-term outlook on things, it will be very difficult for Joe Manchin to walk the streets of West Virginia, knowing that he contributed to the destruction of their economy.

One size fits all is UNAMERICAN, Liberty & Justice for All, including those whom you disagree with ideologically. Joe Biden is in the back pockets of lobby groups!


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Interesting times ahead!