Labour Unions Destroyed General Motors in North America, but GM is expanding in China – July 5, 2021,

In Canada, it’s quite common for a Canadian to say they prefer Japanese or European cars because American or what they perceive to be domestically made cars are junk, well, a quick reminder that it was the labor unions that destroyed companies like GM in North America.

It’s strange to imagine that the Chinese Communist Party does better business the Western Democracies? I always hear financial idiots ask the question, why are corporations willing to risk it all in China? Well, the answer is as simple as understanding a mercenary also known as a soldier of fortune.

People tend to forget that people of high intelligence comprehend that our life on this planet is short and being a patriot is expensive. If you’re in business and you’re a patriot, your own countrymen and countrywomen will turn on you when they deem fit, not only will they turn on you, they also turn on your family, friends associates, company, community, religion, etc.

So when large corporations do the math in their heads and consider the stupidity of the Western Democratic political system, China becomes worth the risk. Based on all the perks North American GM workers get, I don’t even know the point in them having a labor union?

What most people don’t understand with the damage Labor unions in North America cause is that as an example if you buy a made in American car, because of labor unions, the engine in the U.S car might be made Europe, the transmission in Japan and the tires in America.

Now, in your head, you might say why don’t they manufacture as many of the parts as possible in Canada or America and the answer is that the pestering labor unions and the culture they bring along with them, makes North American labor a wild card. GM as an example might fear one bad move or mistake could trigger massive strikes and potentially a whole new government regulation.

In China, this problem doesn’t even exist, of course, the Chinese Communist Party is going to steal their technology, but new technology will be made in the next few years. I hope you see the trade-off because it’s massive. Now, I’m sure GM calculated that maybe the CCP might kick them out one day and steal their technology, but Nationalization is nothing new for large corporations.

Oh yes, and with Electric Vehicles(EV’s) China’s growing monopoly on Batteries is only going to strengthen because of the stupidity that exists in the political sphere of all Western Countries, which have bought into Climate Change, which by the way is a cause many labor unions subscribe too. People forget Labor unions are INTERNATIONAL now Labor unions are of course a part of Socialism, Fascism, and Communism.

I like to remind people that the Nazi Party was a big ole Labor union, they were called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. I get it some white people assume that Nazism was all about the white race, no it wasn’t, most of the people the Nazis killed were White, Nazism was based on MONEY because the German government was broke and hopelessly in debt and during that period their citizens were being forced to work to pay back their debt obligations.

When countries and people are in debt, they do stupid crap, like I don’t know, writing laws that outsource their manufacturing jobs to hostile Communist countries. I prefer putting people into their proper context, because, I hate conspiracy theories, common sense economics, and financial education tells you everything you need to know as to why things are the way they are.

As far as politics go, I always like to point out that politicians are nothing more than glorified salespeople. They sell idiots who believe in them on a dream, these salesmen will volunteer your children to war, for a cause they created. Mercenaries saw or see through the nonsense, mercenaries get a bad name but if you’re one of the idiots who believe that a carbon tax is the best way to combat climate change and you’d vote for a politician to enact this tax, who can blame anyone for becoming a mercenary? Who could blame any large company for becoming a corporatist?

Freedom or the ideas of freedom emerged from the wreckage of prior bad ideas, the West is rebuilding China and we have ourselves to blame!

GM expands China design studio to focus on EVs, smart cars |

Interesting times ahead!