#LateStageSocialism: It’s going to take some government to save socialism. The question is, how much? – August 1, 2020,

Let’s make something clear about capitalism, capitalism to Leftists is an all-consuming virus that drives down the cost of doing business. Karl Marx even acknowledges that capitalism drives the cost of doing business down, which hurts the day laborer who wants an above-market wage.

If Canada was a capitalist nation, we wouldn’t be talking about fixing the economy we’d be talking about how to help the people who would be going bankrupt because prior to COVID-19 they spent more money they made or in bartering terms they consumed more than they produced.

Capitalism can only be saved by cutting the size of government and challenge any media person to focus their topic of conversation on austerity measures and see how quickly they become the enemy of mainstream Canadian society. Canada is a market-socialist nation. Recently the housing and the day laborer were bailed out by the government, there is nothing capitalist about a government bailing out an individual who owns a mortgage, there’s nothing capitalist about a government bailing out a wage earner or a business, all of this is SOCIALISM!

So let’s make something clear, what the title of the article below should be titled is It’s going to take some government to save SOCIALISM. The question is, how much?

I’m a capitalist, right now, what I would have loved to do is purchase properties from people who are over-leveraged and wasting Canadian resources on non-cash-producing assets, that people like myself would know what to do with. But I can’t do that and if I’m able to do it, because of all of these government subsidies propping up industries, I’d probably have to pay an inflated price to purchase a depreciated asset that the owner, probably couldn’t cash flow in the best of times.

Even Karl Marx admitted that before late-stage capitalism the thieves/Marxist would have to wait until the capitalists’ di all the work first and then the Marxist thieves would move in and take over the means of production, why? Because Capitalism drives down the cost of doing business.

Canada’s current economy would confuse Karl Marx, because when Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto the world was a Gold Standard, Karl Marx was pro-worker, not pro-welfare state, it’s unlikely that Karl Marx would approve of a group of workers being forced to finance people who don’t work, because the government takes care of all their needs.

Marxism was about everyone getting what Marx felt was a fair slice of the pie. There is nothing fair about bailing out the housing market, while some Canadians live n the streets? This isn’t even Capitalism, because capitalism equates to lower rent prices because there’d be more owners of property in a market environment trying to pursue profits to pay for their mortgages.

The Canadian government via CMHC and our provincial municipal rent controls have raised the barrier to entry, which is a non-market-based economic environment created by the socialists. It’s going to take the government to save socialism, Capitalism doesn’t need saving, capitalism liquidates debt and puts a market price on borrowing, the bank of Canada has near 0% interest rates when defaults are at an all-time high?

Mortgage deferrals in Canada, as well as The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), are government socialist subsidies created to prevent Canadians from defaulting on loans.

There is nothing capitalism about mortgage deferrals and CERB, if it was up to the bank would the banks accept mortgage deferrals in the terms given to them via the government? Of course not. Had it not been for Canada’s federal government, there would be mortgage defaults all over Canada, if Canada was a capitalist nation mortgage and debt defaults would force interest rates up and drive housing and other prices down.

The article below has a misleading title and this article was posted on a reputable organization. This again is why I say Canada is entering into “LATE STAGE SOCIALISM” Prepare yourselves accordingly

It’s going to take some government to save capitalism. The question is, how much? | financialpost.com

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