Learning Things The Hard Way When Socialist and “Progressive” Politics Become Religion: Canada CP Rail strike to add to commodities supply shock – March 21, 2022,

Will Canada learn from what’s happening? I don’t know, socialists, progressives and their policies have killed billions of people, and yet the popularity of socialism and “progressive” ideology as a religion still rages on, why? Because the alternative is Capitalism, and what is capitalism exactly? As a social construct capitalism isn’t ego-driven, it’s profit-driven, meaning that if accept capitalism as an economic system, I accept that some people will do better than me economically, I’ll accept this in exchange for the wealth capitalism brings to my life.

With capitalism, I also accept that I grant my fellow human more liberty and freedom than they’d receive under a socialist, communist, or Progressive(collectivist) economic construct. The socialists make the point that capitalists have too much and should be forced by a central authority to give more to the people who need it most. Where socialist, progressive, and communists run into problems, is what is known as late-stage capitalism.

Late-Stage-Capitalism is the period in which the Collectivists imagine is the perfect time to confiscate the wealth of the capitalists, what collectivists fail to comprehend about capitalism, is that capitalism is fueled by innovation, the profit-driven nature of capitalism, activities the creativity in people’s minds, humans are less creative when they’re forced to abide by the rules of the collectivists.

Being creative can actually cost you your life under a collectivists utopia and it’s for this reason, that believers in collectivism often have to learn things the hard way. So, because the education system ignores financial education, we have labor unions, which I often like to point out is the root cause of fiat money. I’ve even read about labor strikes happening in Ancient Egypt.

When most people write about the great depression, they completely ignore the labor strikes and terrorism by organized labor prior to the great depression. People felt entitled to a certain amount of money for their labor and instead of quitting their jobs, they wanted to make sure new workers could not replace them. This use of force by organized labor as I like to point out led to the DEMAND for fiat money.

This demand for fiat money inevitably leads to wars, in case you’re unaware, wars are expensive, one of the main reasons why we have so many war machines revolves around fiat money. Whether it’s Russia, the United States, or Iran, fiat money is often the driving force of warmongers. Real money backed by something tangible, assures that wars can only last so long.

Once resources are exhausted the war is over, but if an elastic money supply can refinance the war machine, all sorts of imagined war games can be manifested. With that said, Russia a former communist nation knows a thing or two about controlling the means of production. The Progressives politicians in both Canada and America, imagine themselves as more sophisticated than modern Russia and have decided that owning the means of production isn’t important and have therefore decided to wage a fiat money war on Russia.

Currently, Russia is a major player in the energy market, and because the oil markets are run on the U.S dollar, Russia is basically printing U.S dollars on-demand as countries like Canada and the United States wage war on their domestic fossil fuel industries. While Canada and America imagine that fiat money is all-powerful, consumer price inflation rages on in both nations and this ofcourse sparks organized labor to DEMAND a pay increase, because their current pay in Canadian fiat dollars now purchases fewer goods and services.

Now, delivery via rail helps to keep consumer prices down for consumers in Canada, and if CP rail is forced to pay its workforce more money it equates to raising the cost of delivery for all of its customers, which will equate to PERMANENTLY highly prices for Canadian consumers. Now, for some people, they might say to themselves, what’s the big deal? Well, the big deal is that if consumers are unwilling to pay the higher prices, the result could be that CP rail finds itself with fewer prices.

Canadians enjoy a very high standard of living, and what people don’t understand about consumer price inflation is that it eats away at a person’s disposable income, when consumers can spend less, their behavior changes. a reminder that central bank interest rates in Canada are near zero and typically consumer price inflation stops only when MARKET interest rates go higher and encourage INVESTMENT.

When people are in debt they tend to make fewer INVESTMENTS, and without going economics 101, debased fiat money that can buy less tends to lead to a booming commodities market. But a booming commodities market tends to lead to harsh existence for the poor and middle class. You see Progressive politicians excel when times are good, but progressive politicians get exposed for the idiots they are when times are bad. It appears at least for now, that the world is headed for a period in which times are bad. So you’d be wise to pay close attention to what’s happening in the Canadian economy and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Canada CP Rail strike to add to commodities supply shock sparked by Ukraine war | reuters.com

Interesting times ahead!