learningannexinternetexpo.com Scam

I’m not really sure what to make of this website “learningannexinternetexpo.com” because theres not allot of information about them on the website. Because of this fact i feel the need to warn the public. Mainly my advice is to try the phone number on the website and see if it works for you. When i tried it it wasn’t working so i did not give them my credit card number.

Also i found it kind of strange that the tickets were only $1, it might be just a special but i’ve never seen website requesting my credit card information and not have any terms and conditions or privacy policy in place. This makes me feel very uncomfortable, because as many of you know there are lots and lots of scams online especially with your credit card also i called the toll free phone number which is 1 – 800 – 435 – 9414 i am writing this February 15 2010 and its telling the this number is not in service.

So i’m not saying it’s a scam but i am saying be careful because it looks very strange. Also the fact there’s no privacy policy just makes me nervous for people so i felt the immediate need to write this post. In the event you sign up and can’t get a hold of them report your credit card stolen immediately (that’s what i would do). No that actual learning annex’s phone number is 1-800-US-ANNEX (1 -800 – 871 – 6639) that number works fine and when i called that number worked fine i’m not saying it’s a scam just saying be careful.

Learn Annex Reviewed

i’ve been to these types of things before real estate i think we’ve all gone to the rich dad poor dad and trump real estate seminars and if you haven’t i’ll tell you briefly how it usually goes. Usually they give you some real basic knowledge about the topic in this case “make money online” than after that the sell you what they believe is the next great “get rich quick product”

They’re all usually the same that’s why i just stopped going to them usually in the long run people wind up spending more than they make. This is one of the major reasons i am so happy the internet is information based because i’m really tired of these rich people sucking money from the poor people. I’m not saying this Learning Annex (if it’s real) will do this but i’ve seen this same old story so many times that I can’t help but say that i find it to be a complete waste of none. None the less if your interested make sure you contact them at the websites toll free number before entering your credit card number and if you’ve already entered your credit card information i have to tell you that you should be very careful who you give your credit card information to online.

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