Left Wing Canadian COURT resuspends Dr. Crystal Luchkiw of Barrie, Because she refused to embrace the POLITICAL SCIENCE of the COVID-19 vaccine, Are Politicians and Lawmakers smarter than TRAINED Physicians? – October 19, 2022

You may have noticed that in the United States, even the LEFT WING media has abstained from calling current first lady Jill Biden, Dr. Jill Biden. One of the reasons I assume the LEFT wing media has stopped referring to Jill Biden as Doctorate Jill Biden is because of the CONFUSION it causes; like it or not when people hear or see the words Dr. next to your name, they assume you’re a real doctor, like Dr. Crystal Luchkiw of Barrie who is now being treated like a CRIMINAL because she was trying to SAVE HER PATIENTS life.


Jill Biden, on the other hand, may very well be hiding the CRIMINAL behavior of her son, brother-in-law, and husband. To the best of my knowledge, Dr. Crystal Luchkiw had NEVER INTENTIONALLY broken any Canadian law in her life; however, once the POLITICAL science claimed that either The World Health Organization(NON-Canadian) or Canadian politicians knew better than ALL the physicians, REAL Doctors became SERFS of the government, whose diagnoses no longer mattered, what matters now is the POLITICAL SCIENCE.

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Now, I could be wrong, but the article below doesn’t talk about ANY PEOPLE Dr. Crystal Luchkiw killed. In fact, the opposite is happening because the CANADIAN courts suspended Dr. Crystal Luchkiw a Barrie seniors residence that now has 1,500 people without a physician. What the Canadian courts via their POLITICAL SCIENCE mandates, have caused is the potential of DEATH by shortages because it’s not like all Canadians aren’t aware of the PHYSICIAN shortages in this country.

The article I point to below is ALL POLITICS; nothing about it is rooted in actual MALPRACTICE; now, what’s interesting about this Dr. Crystal Luchkiw is the reality of doctor SHORTAGES in Canada because if let’s say this patient didn’t like the sad news of not having to be vaccinated, what’s stopping the patient from seeking out another doctor? oh yes, it’s probably because there probably aren’t any other nearby doctors; now, why aren’t there more doctors in Barrie Ontario? Well, do you really want me to write about the PRIOR government regulations on physicians all over Canada because of the stupid voting patterns of Canadians, that created these SHORTAGES?

You love democracy, you say, sure I love Democracy too, but can we stop pretending that Democracy is PERFECT, if a democracy is filled with a bunch of IDIOT voters, the people will vote for a lot of DUMB THINGS! Democracy historically has led to RUIN because let’s imagine I’m on government welfare and you’re not, but both of us can vote, and I think I’m entitled to make the same income sitting on my lazy ass that you make working two jobs, if I can influence enough people, I can improve my standard of living using your hard work, that’s a part of DEMOCRACY in case you didn’t know.

The moment Canadians EMBRACED universal health care, the voters, assuming these doctors are rich and evil, obviously started DEMANDING more from their PHYSICIANS, you know, because in the minds of a lot of Canadians, Doctors are the property of the government, so as a doctor, maybe instead of doing surgeries to save lives, maybe I focus on PLASTIC SURGERY to give women Larger breasts, better pay, fewer regulations and I’m in demand all over the planet. Forget America, maybe I will move to somewhere more exotic that gives me more liberty and appreciates my talents more. Doctors are people too!

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Where some people like to blame politicians, central bankers, or “shadow governments,” I point the blame at WE, THE PEOPLE, who vote for some of the DUMBEST politicians imaginable, and I’m not only talking about Justin Trudeau; Canadians have been voting for dumb politicians for a very long time, and as you’re noticing, those chickens are coming home to roost.

So, the interesting thing about Canadian doctors LEAVING Canada is how it’s being REPORTED; first and foremost, I would have had to have WORKED in Canadian health care for anyone to know that I LEFT; BRAIN DRAINS aren’t the same as up and leaving. Furthermore, if I, as a Doctor, left Canada to practice somewhere else, I don’t have to report to ANYONE. I wrote about NURSES leaving Canada for the U.S it’s not like a nurse leaves Canada and calls the Canadian government or some polling agency to report they’ve LEFT the country😂.

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When a doctor is hired, they just have to be VALIDATED in any country; they just have to be VALIDATED that they are indeed able to practice. Maybe different countries have different laws that have to be adhered to, but one of the stupid things about being Canadian is that we have some of the best schools in the world, which makes our graduates in high demand GLOBALLY, which is why the Canadian government SHOULD not be criminalizing our best and brightest.

When people do research, they calculate the numbers based on how they calculate their own data, which may include doctors IMMIGRATING to Canada potentially TEMPORARILY. Doctors are allowed to QUIT. Actually, my family doctor QUIT the profession some years back because the government wanted him to go DIGITAL. By that, I mean he used to handwrite everything, and the government wanted him to transfer everything he handwrote into the COMPUTER, IMAGINE HAVING TO DO THAT with 1500 patients. Even if you paid someone to do it for you, imagine how much money and TIME you’d lose. So he quit, and quite frankly, I don’t know where he is now, but last I checked in with his adult children, he’s NOT in Canada.

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Why I say this is that Barrie, Ontario, is a very nice city with low crime; sure, the cost of living is high, but why does BARRIE, Ontario, have a Doctor shortage if Doctors weren’t LEAVING Canada? I’m not writing this to defend Dr. Crystal Luchkiw; I’m writing this so people comprehend how destructive government policies are to Canadians’ standard of living.

Furthermore, I notice the media and other BIG GOVERNMENT-loving writers and content creators are DISINTERESTED in the destruction of my country. Nobody wants to talk about this stuff. Why isn’t Dr. Crystal Luchkiw EASILY replaceable? Isn’t that the real problem? Sure, the article below I write about is pushing its own POLITICAL narrative, but who cares about politics? What about the ECONOMICS, 1,500 people are now WITHOUT a doctor and it’s not like Dr. Crystal Luchkiw is some evil, wicked woman; she apparently only started breaking the law when politicians took a greater role in our health care.

At best, the mistake Dr. Crystal Luchkiw made was assuming her PROFESSIONAL opinion was a valid one. If I went to a doctor and Justin Trudeau or Doug Ford showed up to diagnose me, I’d be TERRIFIED, but all of a sudden, politicians and lawmakers are doctors? So if a Dr. Crystal Luchkiw dares to imagine that her medical advice is VALID, she’s SUSPENDED from practicing? Gee, I wonder why there’s a doctors shortage in Canada?

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The story below is bigger than Dr. Crystal Luchkiw; it’s exposing how government REGULATIONS are DESTROYING this nation. I like to talk about Franklin D. Roosevelt(FDR) whom I like to refer to as one of the WORST Presidents in U.S history, but I must also point out that American voters LOVED HIM; he won several elections in a landslide; he was a borderline dictator.

FDR accelerated the Great Depression, but during the DEPRESSION, the American people IMAGINED a better future on the horizon, American voters into FDRs tyrannical vision of social security and PRICE CONTROLS. As we all know, FDR had to steal from Americans to change the Gold Standard, which by the way, has since been ABOLISHED, because minimum wage laws didn’t work and social security is BANKRUPT without fiat money.

However, for many, FDR is still regarded as a hero, and I point this out because don’t assume that commonsense will EVER come to the Canadian voter; in fact, the evidence suggests; otherwise, the evidence suggests that as SHORTAGES accelerate, the idiot voters of Canada, may ask the Canadian government to take a GREATER role in the economy. I personally would never trade in a Dr. Crystal Luchkiw and exchange her for a government bureaucrat. Still, a lot of Canadians WILL, especially if a politician FRAMES their sales pitch in the right way to the Canadian voter.

I’m sorry, Canada, but all signs point to serious economic problems ahead if VOTING patterns in this country don’t shift FAST! They turned a law-abiding, PRODUCTIVE woman into a criminal, you know, like how law-abiding gun owners are treated worse than criminals with ILLEGAL guns. Some people GENUINELY believe Big Government knows best, and you’d be wise to pay close attention to these VOTERS because these voters will inadvertently destroy the Canadian economy, and when it happens, they will vote to KEEP destroying it.

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I’ve written about Latin American politics a lot on this blog because what’s happening in Canada has ALREADY happened there, and one of the problems in Latin America is that a lot of the people in Latin America genuinely believe that BIG GOVERNMENT is the only path forward. Meaning that Latin American voters imagine Government bureaucrats and politicians to be far more important than people like Dr. Crystal Luchkiw.

Do not make the mistake of ignoring the voting public, it gives you a glimpse into the future of a nation.

Court upholds suspension of doctor who gave COVID vaccine exemption to high-risk patient | nationalpost.com

Interesting times ahead!