Leftists Continue To Destroy The Most Beautiful Province in Canada: Possibility of provincewide state of emergency “very much on the table” in British Columbia – November 17, 2021,

Have you ever seen the tax bill of B.C residents?  First off inflation is a tax, but the inflation tax aside, B.C has all sorts of taxes, I remember the first time I heard B.C Nationalized Car INSURANCE(ICBC)😂 I laughed for like 20 minutes, what could go wrong 😂. So yeah, there comes a time when Leftist idiocy starts to cause STRUCTURAL problems for everything.

Because Regulations and excessive taxes are price controls or maybe it’s easier for the reader to understand if I say Big government causes price distortions, which then leads to a change in behavior. Humans aren’t ROBOTS, Leftists like to imagine humans as entities without the ability to react to government oppression. During slavery in the United States, people ignored how INTENTIONALLY inefficient the slaves often were.

If you’re not a super-wealthy slave owner, it’s a game of attrition, maybe if I’m a slave, I decide to be an a$$hole to my slavemaster? Maybe I burn down the masters’ house, poison his/her children, work slower than I need to work, destroy crops, kill animals, and spend all my “free” time trying to flee persecution, this forces the slaveowner to react by spending more money, time, and resources to keep the slaves in line, often was the case that businesses in the United States that were the beneficiaries of slavery had very INEFFICIENTLY run businesses, think of it like a crown corporation.

Interesting how America began to flourish once it abandoned Slavery and embraced free-market capitalism? In China, there are all sorts of structural problems, because inefficiency in government, benefits the people who get government contracts. Tofu construction is a real thing in Communist China, the builders often can’t own any property, so they behave the way one assumed they would, they undermine the government, and when something goes wrong, blame someone else, what’s the government going to do, punish everyone? Do you know how hard it is to find good help in construction?

It’s not like politicians build anything, the government is merely trying to read the pulse of the nation so it can hopefully control everyone and skim off the top of every transaction. B.C is a far Left-Wing province, but similar to California it benefits from its geographic location, of course under a sound money system B.C would be bankrupt, but under this rule by decree fiat monetary system in which Canada becomes increasingly more dependent on imports, Leftist ideas have been able to flourish, because when a dumb Left-Wing idea is imagined and made law, our transfer payments system along with our central bank rewards said dumb Leftist ideas with “money” printed out of thin air.


So if a person ignorant about economics is rewarded with free money for being lazy and unproductive, who can blame them for trying to push this scam to its limits? What’s happening in B.C is happening all over Canada, beauty needs to be maintained with hard work and well, COVID-19 has given rise to excuses for people NOT to work and that’s what people are choosing to do, compounding the problem is government, that wants to demonize a portion of its population with draconian regulations, to force people into putting needles into their bodies. Now once you’ve capitulated to government decrees, why should you care about the idiots who refuse to get vaccinated? The government needs to oppress those people who refuse to do what I did??

In a nutshell, fewer people are able to be productive, industries that were already struggling prior to the government lockdowns either have gone bust, or they’ve probably changed their business model. By changing their business model, I mean they’re probably less productive than they were prior to the lockdowns.

Now, when NATURAL disasters strike, it’s usually a good time for people to work together, but you, know LOCKDOWNS, people getting paid to do nothing, the government deciding that people who don’t get vaccinated aren’t welcome to participate in the NEW SOCIETY, this creates social and economic problems that didn’t exist before.

Leftists imagine that when they create a REGULATION that people won’t change their behaviors, now, quite frankly I nor anyone for that matter can predict what people will do, now that the government has made a certain productive segment of the population UNPRODUCTIVE. For some people, after they work hard at their jobs, they want to go out and have a drink and hang out with friends that’s how they reset their minds to do their job again in the morning.

The government has disrupted the routines of millions of people and it’s almost like NATURAL LAWS are punishing governments all over the world, for attempting to enslave good law-abiding peaceful people. I don’t know what to make of the story below. B.C in my opinion is the most beautiful Province in the Federation and the government is destroying it!

Possibility of provincewide state of emergency “very much on the table” | nationalpost.com

Interesting times ahead!